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    Integrated Video Lesson System 

    We have built the world's first AI system specific for language learning. Our Integrated Video Lesson System includes a set of smart tools to increase the students engagement and improve the pedagogy.




    AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS)

    Our LMS not only offers personalized review material automatically generated after each video lesson, but also supports any type of external teaching content automatically converting it in gamified exercises by our AI algorithms.

    Smart Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM)

    Helping your school to (1) advance the management of teachers and students; (2) automate processes such as class scheduling, student onboarding, payments, etc.; (3) optimize your external communication and improve the new students acquisition strategy.


    These solutions, already used by some of the world’ s largest schools and universities including Dulwich College, are embedded in a one-stop and easy-to-use software which provides data and insights proven to be of strategic importance for our clients to continuously monitor the performance of the school (+30% user base increase registered on average) and improve the learning experience (with an increase of +50% time spent on the platform).


  • Benefits

    Our technology is built to help your language school succeed online.

    Reach more students


    Leverage the power of online marketing with your new branded platform


    The User Experience in our platform is incredibly intuitive and complete. New students can easily find a teacher, book and purchase a video lesson, learn and review with AI-powered gamified content all in the same platform, which is customized with your school logo, colours, and branding elements.

    Increase your margins


    Increase the value for students and decrease your costs


    Our technology allows your school to increase the value delivered with each video lesson. Students benefit from the personalized content automatically generated by our AI system. A solution which has already proved to increase by +50% the time spent in the platform and attract +30% more users.

    Enhance your pedagogy

    Cutting edge AI technology for your school


    Our adaptive learning technology personalizes the content taught each student, speeding up the learning process up to 5 times. You will be able to collect data from all the classes run on the platform and analyze the performance of students and teachers.



  • Award-winning Technology

    Backed by Microsoft e Amazon Web Services accelerators, we have also received institutional recognitions and financial grants by both, the Italian and the Chinese Governments, and awarded as the Top-1 Italian company in the field of Artificial Intelligence within the intergovernmental program on science and technology between China and Italy.



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