How to maximize language students' learning experience

October 8, 2020
3 min read

As the world of education moves towards online learning, language schools constantly seek to improve the learning experience as they scale up the new and growing market. And with rising demand, new solutions are required to keep up with the pace.

The role of the online language learning experience

Creating online language-courses requires a certain amount of effort, and many overworked educational departments are currently struggling to create engaging content with new online dynamics for learners. Development time is lengthy, and lack of in-house capabilities (or limited access to innovation) have often forced language schools to look into costly outsourced content.

Yet, even when relying on third-party providers, the question remains:

How do I find the right content that reflects the needs of my own learning program while integrating seamlessly into my eLearning platform?”.

The reality is, course content can, and does, give endless value to your language school. Whether organised into a full online course, or utilized throughout live-lessons as supporting material, the content you create reflects your school’s pedagogy (i.e. teaching quality) as well as commitment put in providing the best environment to your students.

Not only does content creation work as a benchmark guaranteeing instruction standards, but also doubles as a powerful tool to make your school stand out in the market – this is truer today especially, with online student-enrolment potential being at its highest point in history.

So, how can you maximise the learning experience, increase academic efficiency, while growing your business in the online-course market?

How to maximise the language learning experience

While content curation is being used extensively to address the pain-points mentioned earlier, its innovations have also made it possible to optimise teaching productivity. However, it’s modern-day marketing strategies that are key to having the perfect formula as you push ahead of the competition.

By turning formula into reality, language schools today are receiving a much-needed helping hand through Edugo.AI’s one-stop platform, specified to language-learning. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Edugo.AI’s platform allows you to personalise the student experience, while facilitating educators and boosting enrolment simultaneously through one user-friendly digital tool.

Customized experience

Edugo.AI is reshaping the power of traditional Learning Management Systems through the use of artificial intelligence. Our adaptive technology supports the kind of personalized content creation and automated exercises your students need to master all the various skills in learning a new language. In just minutes, your teachers can now create complete lessons through simple video-uploads or short audio recordings – while letting the system handle all the rest.

Edugo.AI’s Learning Management System also supports creation of complete courses by combining lessons previously created on your platform. Thus, lessons are diversified, while enhancing student engagement. Edugo.AI is well-equipped in differentiating the learning experience and offering interactive exercises for every lesson.

Tailored prices

When creating a course, the Edugo.AI LMS features a price setting for each lesson within the course itself. Now you’re set to advertise online. Using “first-lesson-free” marketing strategies, for example, students can be led to your content, and may enjoy the full experience of completing exercises and receiving performance scores.

Students can then make quick course purchases on-site to resume lessons – without ever exiting into third-party sites – thanks to Edugo.AI’s integrated payment system. Enrolment has never been this easy!

To maximise your revenue and students’ learning experience seamlessly, language packages (offering courses set with live-video lessons by your teachers) can be sold on the platform as well. Edugo.AI’s one-stop solution provides an advanced AI-powered video-call system. Not only does it support live lessons, but also generates lesson reviews and gamified exercises based off live student-teacher interaction.

Adjust to the market's changes

Our platform has been developed with the aim to maximize the online-learning experience. We provide dedicated solutions to keep student engagement high, as well as offer a white-labelled platform well-oriented to marketing needs. Edugo.AI essentially helps language schools scale up the online learning market. Our trusted studies have helped facilitate these solutions, and now hand educators the right tools to create lessons efficiently, without compromising quality teaching.

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