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    Launch your own Language Platform for Free and grow your business.

  • How does the program work?

    We will provide you with a White-Label platform worth 714 $ (6-months sub) for FREE to

    1. Create Engaging Lessons

    Upload on the platform any kind of language material (audio, video, text…). Our AI algorithms process and convert it into gamified exercises, which engage different parts of the brain, and get students eager to practice.

    2. Create & Sell Language Courses

    Leverage your unique language teaching style and combine easily previously created lessons (language content + interactive exercises) into courses. Customize each course according to your student's language level and sell it or publish it for free.

  • Maximize your income and save time

    3. Manage the platform with 1 click

    Grow your language online business and keep track of everything that happens inside your platform. With the latest technology to help you analyze your students' engagement, performance, and learning outcomes.

    4. Receive payments

    Sell your language courses and get paid immediately but also attract a wider audience with free trials and discounts.

    Customize your currency and get paid immediately via Credit Cards and PayPal as payment methods.



    Read more about their stories and how they leverage the White Label Platform

    Tania Jenkin

    I take my role as Brand Ambassador very seriously because the main benefit for me having a White-Label platform like this is that I have one place where I can put all my courses, lessons and years of experience.

    Whereas for my students it is the ability to pick and choose videos and content based on what they need and what they feel like doing, at their own pace. They are, therefore, in control of their learning experience.

    Kira Maxwell

    I've been using Edugo's White Label Platform to publish my online courses on Chinese pronunciation. It's great to create lessons and share interactive exercises with my students, which helps them better master Chinese pronunciation!


    My students were able to study effectively using interactive lessons on the platform. They enjoyed interactive video and audio exercises and gave us only positive feedback.

    Melissa Lamos

    As a Brand Ambassador the main benefit of using Edugo.AI's White Label platform is the ability to create many great exercises, which include all the necessary skills in language learning in a fast, intuitive and efficient way.
    My students love using Edugo.AI's White Label platform because of its user-friendliness as well as the interactivity of the exercises, which allows them to better fix the content studied.

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