All you and your students need in one integrated solution.


The ultimate tech for an optimal teaching and learning experience.

Data Driven

Keep track of everything that happens inside your online language business.

Market & Sell Online

Sell your knowledge, not your time, effortlessly.


Engage everyone with points, badges, leaderboard, time-attack activities…


From platform branding to language exercises and pricing plans.

User-friendly Design

Easy onboarding, intuitive navigation and clear interfaces.

Language Courses

Asynchronous, cohort-based or combined with live sessions.

Live Lessons

With all of your students, from anywhere in the world.
Interactive lessons created.
Live lessons performed.
Language courses created.

Create the perfect course for your needs.

Everything you need to create a customized language course for each of your student’s needs and deliver them a seamless learning experience.

Synchronous merges Asynchronous courses for individuals

Self-study sessions combined with engaging and personalized live lessons with teachers.

Cohort-based Courses for groups

Not only group classes, but an entirely online environment to leverage the power of learning in communities and maximise students’ retention.

Fully Asynchronous Courses

Students practice at their own pace with the course available 24/7  and get instant feedback on their performances.
Flexible pricing options
Easy and secure payment gateways
Online marketing tools, such as free trials, subscriptions, discounts, payment plans, and more.
Full access to analytics and data of users’ behaviours
White-labeled Platform
Personalized landing page

Sell your services and grow online.

Enroll new students with our flexible, secure and data-driven system.

Manage your Language Business Online.

No matter if your language business has one solo teacher, or 1000+ teachers. Edugo.AI Stakeholder Relationship Management system supports you managing students, classes, language content and payments.
Keep all your users (teachers and students) organized in one centralized place. Monitor classes and courses, track payments and access the school’s analytics and statistics – all in the same place.
Keep track of everything that happens inside your school online and make data-driven decisions, as we provide a full understanding of how your students interact with the language content, the courses and the teachers.
Gain in-depth insights to grow your business. Learn from students’ metrics and behaviours, from their engagement, performance and assessment to improve your offer – when you get to know your students better, it’s easier to meet their needs, thus grow your business.

Create your language course easily now.

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