• Benefit & Features

    All the services you need in one integrated solution


    Build your Language Courses

    Easily create and digitalise your language material with our AI-powered LMS

    Make your language content interactive and engaging


    Create and upload on the platform any kind of language material (audio, video, text…). Our AI algorithms process and convert it in gamified exercises, which engage different parts of the brain, and gets students eager to practice.


    • Create a complete lesson in just few minutes
    • Show interactive transcript and translations automatically produced
    • Generate unlimited content and customised exercises for students
    • Access to personalised and instant feedback given during the student’s performance


    Build the perfect language course



    Easily combine previously created lessons (language content + interactive exercises) into courses. Each course can be free or sold online.


    Students can now practice at their own pace, while teachers and school manager can:


    • Check students’ results 
    • Give feedback on the performance
    • Monitor learners’ progress and engagement

    Perform Live Lessons

    Make one-to-one and group classes engaging with our AI-powered Live Video Lesson System

    Interact with your students live


    We have built the world's first AI system specific for language learning. Our Integrated Video Lesson System includes a set of smart tools to increase the students engagement and improve the pedagogy.


    • Speech-to-text: record your voice and the AI automatically transcribes it into written text. Send the sentence in the live chat or practice with the interactive exercises immediately created.
    • Real-time modules: Share interactive exercises previously generated around the language points you are teaching. Engage with students and evaluate their performance live.


    Those tools comes together with class recording, live chat, screen sharing, cloud storage.


    Learning doesn’t stop when student leaves the live lesson


    The unique power of Edugo.AI system happens after the live lesson. Like magic, a complete lesson review is generated in just minutes, thus allowing students to master and practice the language with customised and interactive content. Teacher’s job is thus simplified. The review lesson includes:


    • Full video recording and chat exchange
    • List of the key sentences and key words learnt during the live lesson, as well as their translation automatically generated
    • Set of  personalised and gamified exercises to master any skill in learning a new language (from listening to speaking, to reading and grammar)
    • Instant feedback given on student’s performance.

    Manage your School Online

    Manage your school at your fingerprint with our Smart Stakeholder Relationship Management

    Measure what matters




    We want you to scale. That’s why we integrated the latest technology to help you keep track of everything that happens inside your school online.



    • Teachers and students data
    • Class and courses monitoring
    • Class recording library
    • Payment tracking system 
    • School’s analytics and statistics


    Handle scheduling and build your classroom community



    Keeping up with your students has never been so simple! Set your time availability and schedule classes; we handle your bookings and the automatic reminders.



    Directly support students through the live chat and build your classroom community to make learners interact with teacher, content and each other. All in the same online environment.




    Market & Sell

    Enrol new students with our flexible, secure and data-driven system

    Reach more students



    Acquire new students online effortlessly. We support you with a personalised and high-converting landing page, 1-click funnels and easy user experience, that speed up the enrolments process.



    Get full access to analytics and data of users’ behaviours, to drive efficient marketing campaigns and market your courses online like a pro.



    A solution for every business


    With flexible pricing options, sell your language courses and video lessons packages online with ease. Attract wider audience with free trials, discounts, payment plans, and lesson bundles.


    • Customise your currency
    • Accept Credit Cards, PayPal and WeChat Pay
    • Payments 100% secure
    • Get paid immediately and keep track of every transaction 

    Design your Platform

    Enhance your brand awareness online with our white-labelled platform

    Make sure students recognise you




    Welcome pre-existing and prospective students immediately to your online school as intimately as possible.



    Through branding, palettes, as well as a familiar domain, help your students feel at ease as they navigate through your customised teaching platform.





    Show off your value


    Personalise your Landing Page and make students aware of your unique offer and its value in the shortest time possible.


    As the window of a shop, showcase the available language courses, the packages of lessons as well as description of your programs or give brief introductions to each of your professors via accessible profiles.


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