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Launch and grow your own Language Business.

As a language teacher entrepreneur, you will soon realize that teaching a language based on a model that requires selling your time is not scalable and sustainable!
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The problem is that:

Creating a Language Course for the first time takes a lot of time
Marketing your Language Course to the right students is tricky
Selling a Language Course without a sales process is hard
Launch your own Language Business

Join Edugo.AI Accelerator Program

In the 15 days program, we will help you overcome these challenges the following way:

Edugo.AI will provide you a white Label Platform

To create your Language Courses that are engaging interactive and fun, in very short time.

Provide you with Marketing Coaching Sessions

To help you find your niche, build an audience, and put the right course in front of the right students at the right time.

Provide you with Sales Coaching Sessions

To help you develop a repeatable sales process and convert students aware of your Language Course into paying customers.

By the end of the Accelerator Program you will accomplish the following:

Design and implement a marketing strategy for your language business
Publish your Language Course and enroll students.
Learn a system to generate revenues and grow your Language Business.