AI-powered PLUS

The power of Artificial Intelligence at your fingertips.

Unlock state-of-the-art AI and set of NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms in your platform. Make one-to-one live sessions as engaging as personalized with no efforts.  

Unlock the AI-Powered Plus on your platform

Personalized Review Lesson

Learning doesn’t stop when students leaves the live lesson.

The unique power of Edugo.AI system shows itslef right after the end of a live lesson. Like magic, a complete lesson review is automatically generated in just minutes,thus allowing students to master and practice with customized and interactive content. Teacher’s job is thus simplified. The review lesson includes:
Full video recording and chat exchange of the lesson.
List of the key sentences and key words learnt during the lesson, as well as their translation automatically generated.
Set of  personalised and gamified exercises to master any skill in learning a new language.
Instant feedback given on learners’s performance.

Why choose the AI-Powered Plus.

Higher Learner Engagement
Maximum Personalization
Time - Saving
State-of-the-Art tech

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