How to increase your Language School's Revenues, Retention and Referral.

November 19, 2020
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Right now there is a huge change in the world and we are assisting to an incredible transformation. According to Unesco, 91.3 % of the students around the world have been affected in their learning journey by Covid-19.

This incredible amount of students, which counts for 1.5 billion around the world, has been affected by the pandemic, witness to the transformation of the educational system that is in full gear.

At Edugo.AI we believe it is happening in 3 different stages.

The first and initial stage is Offline Learning - students in a classrooms learn via traditional methods and tools. With COVID 19 and the subsequent restrictions, schools were forced to close, thus implying students and teachers to shift to what's called Remote Learning - the synchronous part of learning is now virtual. Tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc. have been ubiquitously adopted to help with live communications. However, the pedagogical core of the lesson is still the same - meaning that schools are using the same curriculum, the same textbook. Same traditional material, but for virtual environment.

At Edugo.AI the next step we see already happening with some of the most innovative schools is the adoption of a new methodology, called Online Learning. It doesn't mean simply doing video calls with students online, but includes all the pedagogical approaches that new technologies offer to support the teacher in the new digital environment and enhance the students learning experience.

We at Edugo.AI have been developing most of these tools leveraging state-of-the-art technology and are now available also for language schools which are undergoing the digital transformation and are willing to increase their students' engagement.

In order to build the best solution specific for language schools, we at Edugo.AI had to deeply understand the problem that language schools are dealing with. For this matter, we've been doing market research (See preview below) involving 50+ school managers from all over the world in a five months time period.

By interviewing those language school managers about the challenges they were facing when transitioning from Offline to Remote Learning, we identified that the main pain point is student engagement.

So how to improve student engagement in Online Language Learning?

Here is a short video of Edugo.AI platform, that schools can have in a white label format. It shows some of the strategies we have discovered to be effective in increasing student engagement.

Why should school manager and business owners care about student engagement?

- Simple answer, student engagement determines improvements in the business KPI's.

Student engagement’s effects on the school business can be described on three different layers. First, the revenue - which means the conversion from people doing free trials to real students actually deciding to purchase more lessons. This metrics is much higher with Edugo.AI technology if compared to generic video conferencing tools, due to the fact that students get the school’s value since the first trial of the platform.

Then, retention - with Edugo.AI retention rate is proven to be three times higher than with common video conferencing tools. Last, referral - students who are really engaged with your product offer, are more likely to talk with their friends and invite them to join. This will be the biggest fuel of growth for your school, because you enlarge your customer base without paying expensive campaigns on Google or Facebook to acquire your users.

Our research and data indicates that student engagement is really connected to those three business aspects of revenue, retention and referral of your language school funnel. And this is the most important part for achieving business success in online language education.

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