3 ways language student engagement affects revenues

November 12, 2020
2 min read

In the “good old days”, students used to look out of classroom windows in disinterest, to the teacher’s anger and frustration. Today, things have changed – for the worse. Students now disable live-video cameras (and microphones) while catching up on Netflix episodes among unsuspecting teachers. Quite frankly, lack of engagement has been the last years' issue for online-schooling. Besides, it’s no secret that engaged students are more successful, and perform better than their uninterested classmates.

So, the million-dollar question is:

How do we keep students engaged?

In today’s exceptional times, schools worldwide are rapidly shifting to online teaching as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and so, this question’s value has more than doubled.

How student engagement affects revenues

The lively discussion, triggered by the massive adoption of technology in the educational field in response to the outbreak, has seen everyone in the sector debating over student engagement in virtual programs. Even we at Edugo.AI have voiced our secrets to ensuring quality student engagement within online language-learning (you didn’t miss our article on that, did you?).

But why do language schools need to focus on student engagement? And how is this factor fundamental in the success of your online schooling business?

– Well, the answer goes far beyond happy teachers in classrooms.

1. Engagement makes the enrolments real 🧑‍💻

You’ve probably offered a free trial lesson while introducing or promoting your new online language course. But how many of those potential students actually converted into paying customers? The sooner students perceive the value of the learning experience you have to offer, the more likely and quicker they’ll enrol. And so, engaging learners from the very beginning of a trial lesson is essential to successfully closing a deal.

2. Ensures long-term revenues 💰

Student engagement plays a decisive role in retention strategy; as engaged learners express strong satisfaction in their learning experience, while demonstrating excellent results in class – this is essentially what keeps students going. Thus, retained students ensure constant income to your language school, and hold major long-term value within the business of online schooling.

3. Makes your students your best testimonials 🗣​​

Do you remember the time your friend asked you where you got that great barbeque grill? Or where you bought that amazing perfume? Well, why not be that kind of language school everyone talks about? By keeping your students engaged throughout your online language course, they naturally become active promoters of your brand and services within their network. Inevitably, a positive word-of-mouth recommendation process begins to happen. This results in a more effective marketing strategy in contrast to costly online advertising which, at times, have proven ineffective in reaching targeted customers.

Caring for student engagement has turned into a priority for language schools – not only it does maximise the learning experience and facilitate the process of knowledge acquisition, but also it highly reflects on student’s behaviour and, as such, on your business model.

Through years of expertise in the field of online language education, Edugo.AI has met the needs of students, teachers, as well as school managers through its cutting-edge platform for online-language learning, which helps language schools sharpen their engagement strategies for newer online settings. Through engagement, you can provide top experience to your students while generating more revenue, and standing out from high competitors of online language programs.

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