Student engagement in language classroom: a guide

December 17, 2020
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Ages before Covid-19, growth and implementation of online education was already beginning to gain traction – fast-forward to today’s unprecedented (plus uncertain) times, and we begin to see an explosive surge in virtual tutoring and online-learning software tighten their grip on the future of language-learning.

Student engagement in language classroom

For the most part, online-learning comes with its clear advantages, boasting widespread opportunities to both students and institutions. However, this young industry still presents some challenges to which the entire educational sector has yet to solve – and among the handful of setbacks, one everybody tends to agree on is the need to increase student engagement and retention in the online-learning setting.

Even we at Edugo.AI have voiced our secrets to ensuring quality student engagement within online language-learning. (you didn’t miss our article on that, did you?).

But how exactly did we discover effective methods in keeping students highly engaged within the virtual environment?

Well, our answer can be traced back to 2017, as we stepped into the market of language learning with our first mobile-app: Edugora. The idea behind the app was very simple: teachers would record short videos of various language content, and the AI-powered system would automatically transform the video content into language games and interactive exercises for end-users. Teachers could then also create full courses and sell them within the app.

Anyone willing to learn a language via Edugora could download the app available on both Apple Store and Google’s Play Store for free. With ratings topping 4.8/5 and more than 20 thousand downloads, Edugora was our first big success. The app not only had us implementing high-tech into language-learning, but also gave us a myriad of data on user behaviour – which, for us, was equivalent to candy to a kid. With these figures, we could detect each student’s interaction on the platform while keeping track of their average engagement and retention rates.

Amidst our deep data-analysis, a lone voice stood out from the typical user-behaviour: A student, spending more than 4 hours per day on the platform – religiously returning to a course on the app at least 7 times– daily. Excited by our findings, we immediately set out to understand reasons behind the learner’s skyrocketing retention rate.

The discovery, you ask? The student didn’t simply follow any of the random courses made available on the app, but instead hand-picked a course prepared especially for him by his personal teacher. Not only was the course created in his name, but it was also curated based on very specific topics he had begun to love learning and discussing during his previous live lessons held via Skype. The combination between tailor-made content and gamified exercises had the same effect on the student as a magnet would onto metal.

This moment sparked a sense of eureka! As we dove into reimagining the new and advanced platform: Edugo.AI – integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to bring the teaching and learning experience to their most optimal levels.

Present day 2022 – our technology now automatically processes interactions during live student-teacher video-lessons; generating a set of gamified exercises to master any skill while learning a new language. The content is not only personalised to each student, but is also based off each live lesson with teachers. As students make mistakes during exercises, the software generates focus around these errors – these "weak areas" unique to each learner are then improved.

Edugo.AI has currently proven to increase learning-retention rates in learners from as little as 25% to even 60%. Concurrently, teaching becomes simplified, which now means instructors can now fully focus on lesson content and material, engaging with students over new online dynamics, effortlessly.

Edugo.AI software (specific to language-learning) is now available for schools worldwide as a white-label solution ensured to boost your institute’s marketing, while offering the best learning experience to your students – keeping everyone engaged, while guaranteeing long-term success for your online programs.

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