Empowering Quality Language Learning Through AI.

October 15, 2020
3 min read

Today, we see technology everywhere. From advanced ATM machines, to booking vacations via smartphones, technology has changed how we live – and it’s only getting even more important. Technology has affected every sphere of our life; bringing advantages to management, communication, and even education – just think of how eLearning programs have been the only option schools worldwide had to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. However, education seems to be sluggishly sceptical in adopting as well as understanding the potential.

Oftentimes, many preconceptions come with integrating technology to the classroom. The most common among these is the idea that technology is a threat to educator’s jobs and individuality, generating distrust and rejection. Not to mention, the idea of technology being a distraction by more “traditional” educators has almost become a natural occurrence.

Failure in EdTech growth is not in technology itself, but instead how we utilize it. Too often, technology has been lazily put before education, giving it all teaching responsibility. It makes sense to put all our faith in powerful tools – but it’s in this statement we find our key; as powerful as it may be, technology is still a tool.

Among the most important factors of quality in education, there’s no doubt that teachers, their teaching methods, content as well as curricula are key priorities. These elements need to be on the top of any school’s focus, as they are what guarantee instruction standards, as well as attract new students into choosing your language school among the rest. This is truer today especially, with online-enrolment potential being at its highest point in history.

How AI can empower your school

When perceived as a means to an end, and not as an end in itself, digital-learning tools help teachers get students engaged in learning through more interactive lectures and providing highly stimulating digital content and features. Technology automates many of day-to-day tasks, and supports the teaching and management of larger group of students at once.

In short, technology can empower teachers, and the recent growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies have brought the teaching and learning experience to their most optimal level.

What we at Edugo.AI have done is integrate those disruptive techniques into our one-stop platform specified to language learning. Our aim is to help language school maximise the learning experience for their students, while increasing teaching and management efficiency as the institution scales up online.

Here’s how the platform works:

While performing live video-lessons, Artificial Intelligence automatically processes the contents of the interaction, and generates a set of gamified exercises to master any skill in learning a new language – the content is personalised to each student. As students make errors during exercises, the software generates focus around these mistakes; these "weak areas" unique to each learner are then improved.

Real-time data generated allows you to easily keep track of student progress, and allows for instant modification of lectures and activities. This better accommodates every student’s progress, based on their current learning levels.

These same exercises are automatically produced every time a teacher creates a lesson for offline consultation as well – various media such as video, text, and audio are all supported and included in the exercises. With all these features combined, Edugo.AI appeals to all types of learners, while engaging different parts of the brain, and getting students eager to practise!

Edugo.AI has proven to increase learning-retention rates in learners from 25% up to 60%. All-the-while, teaching jobs become simplified, which means instructors can now fully focus on lesson content and material, and engage students with the new online dynamics effortlessly. Quality of teaching is now not only ensured, but enhanced! Thanks to technology, your language school can naturally stand out from online learning competitors, and dominate the online market.

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