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Mobile Language Learning: why it's here to stay

September 3, 2020
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Ever since smartphones hit the global scale, content consumption has been flipped on its head. Indeed, such is the power of the internet – and the education sector didn’t take long to realise its potential.

As time evolved, learning platforms have begun to replicate some of the daily content we consume outside both work and school. As it turns out, the combination of mobile devices and the internet has been well-aligned with the strategic goals of education. From improvements in student-retention to supporting differentiated learning needs, mobile learning (or ‘m-learning’) has become a relevant component of all eLearning programs.

Mobile learning is defined as access to educational content via a smartphone or smart-device’.

Simply put, m-learning is the world’s access to studying anything, anywhere – anytime.

And so, whether your language school trains working adults too busy for physical lessons, or millennials who just simply fail to put their phones aside – mobile-learning is a blessing.

However, a mobile-learning solution that works for your school’s specialized curriculum may not be easy to find. One main reason is that a majority of efforts are generally put in implementing basic Learning Management Systems. Sure, having an LMS in the first place is an obvious priority, however it’s becoming clear that an LMS alone (in the traditional sense) may not suffice.

What both schools and learners need and desire, respectively, are the best and most accessible tools at their disposal – thus, mobile tools which ensure better engagement and knowledge retention through mobile-optimized learning experiences.

Additionally, what mobile-learning extends from conventional use of the desktop/laptop is its perfect blend with eLearning in supplementing content delivery. The combination reveals a cutting-edge advantage in supporting an ongoing learning process for language students. Through tailored, bite-sized course content, learners now make good of their subway trips or waiting time in a café by pulling out their devices to resume pending exercises.

What really maximizes the learning experience though?

Unlimited access to studying content through a device utilized in almost every single daily activity.’

Language schools can now potentially operate way beyond the traditional schooling hours, increasing user engagement and, thus, successful course completion as well as improved knowledge retention. The smartphone no longer stands as a means of distraction during the learning process, but has instead evolved into a symbol of freedom to learn, which focuses both student attention and engagement.

Mobile learning is part of the 21st century eLearning landscape

and with language schools lining up to go digital, why shouldn’t you?

As we live in today’s world of “mobile first”, every aspect of our lives is increasingly centred towards our smartphones – and language education is by no means an exception. When integrating your school’s LMS into a mobile app for your students, it's important that it displays user-friendliness and cross-functionality. This allows students easy-access from all sorts of devices, platforms, and browsers.

At Edugo.AI we not only took these aspects into consideration, but have also developed a responsive mobile app specified to language-learning – built to seamlessly synchronise with your LMS. Equipped with AI-powered live video lessons and interactive exercises tailor-made for each student – receive all the support you need from one single mobile application.

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