Top 4 Edugo.AI Product Achievements in 2020.

January 7, 2021
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2020 was an outrageous year to say the least – and it may be safe to agree that the highlight for many was actually end of the year itself. Not only were many of our lives completely upended, but some of us (still) can’t tell exactly how deep the long-term effects of Covid-19 will overshadow our livelihood, institutions and economies. What is certain, however, is that the events of 2020 have become incredible catalysts for change.

The educational sector, one of the most affected by the current global crisis, is still very much representative of this. Abruptly, education went digital and, for millions of students all around the world, turned towards virtual platforms and remote communication. As a consequence, the attention on EdTech and its rush to finding innovative solutions (both technical and pedagogical) has been higher than ever before.

Of course, we, an EdTech company specialized in language learning itself, have confirmed these developments time and time again.

At the beginning of 2020, the Edugo.AI team strategically placed itself within the education market, providing advanced software – Edugo.AI – to both language and international schools, allowing a revolutionary and automated method of processing live student-teacher interaction, generating sets of gamified exercises to master skills in language-learning in real-time – our standout feature? Each content is personalised to each student.

During the year, however, we experienced a rapid rise in awareness of both the crucial need and significance of online-learning amongst school managers worldwide. Not only have we discussed with wide range of school directors and teachers about the biggest challenges for language schools today, but also the risks of emerging competitors as well as the rewarding opportunities within the market. Following updates and lengthy feedback loops, the team has since been driven to adjusting the roadmap to improving our tech solutions to meet the needs of language schools better than ever before, today.

So, without further ado, here are Edugo.AI’s “Top 4 Product Achievements in 2020”!

1. AI-powered Learning Management System ⚙️

Edugo.AI is reshaping the power of traditional Learning Management Systems through the use of artificial intelligence. Our adaptive technology supports the kind of personalised content creation and automated exercises your students need to master all the various skills in learning a new language. In just minutes, your teachers can now create complete lessons through simple video-uploads or short audio recordings – while letting the system handle all the rest.

Edugo.AI LMS also supports creation of complete courses by combining lessons previously created on your platform. Thus, lessons are diversified, while enhancing student engagement. When creating a course, the Edugo.AI LMS features a price setting for each lesson within the course itself. Only thing left to do is get set to advertise your school online!

2. Real-time speech-to-text feature within the live video-call 📹

To fully optimize synchronous learning, our software features online lesson booking and interactive live-video lessons with your school’s teachers. In addition to the recording system, our software generates automated video-snippets of key-specific sentences pronounced by the instructor, which are then offered to the student during their personalized lesson reviews. Edugo.AI has leveraged A.I. and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and integrate this real-time speech-to-text feature with live calls. In addition, teachers can now send spoken statements (automatically generated into text) to students through our live chat function instantly, and with almost zero effort. Together with exercise-generating engine and adaptive learning system, this feature has contributed to increasing student engagement and improving pedagogy.

3. Smart Stakeholder Relationship Management 💻

In order to fully run the business side of language-schooling online, school managers require safe, reliable, and dedicated interfaces that help their institutions:

1. Stabilize management of both teachers and students;

2. Automate course activities from curriculum schedules and lesson bookings, to student enrolment, payments, course-content creation and supervision;

3. Optimise online-marketing traffic, communication, while simultaneously improving new students acquisition strategies.

4. Multi-languages support 🌎

Having originally and solely supporting Mandarin Chinese, Edugo.AI inevitably expanded to English and Spanish language support. Today, our platform now supports all Roman alphabet-friendly languages as both target (the language you teach) and source (the language you teach from) languages.

By combining these features into a powerful all-in-one platform designed for language-learning, Edugo.AI gives you the support your school truly deserves to maximize the online-learning experience. Our advanced software not only creates personalized content in real-time, but provides true and dedicated solutions that meet each unique learners’ needs. Delivered to language schools today as a white-label solution, you can trust in Edugo.AI to boost your institute’s marketing strategy and reach, while offering the best learning experience to your students.

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