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Online, Hybrid, Offline... What does the future of language learning look like?

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In the education industry of foreign languages, technology has been adapted at a steady pace. Yet efforts to integrate it have, at times, presented various challenges to educators.

Through experience, we’ve seen several language institutes struggle in creating in-house software to teach online. Unsatisfied by sub-par solutions currently on the market, school managers have invested hefty sums of money and time to develop and integrate technology to customize their pedagogy.

Satisfying results are hard to achieve and they involve major risks for school managers. In most cases, attempts have led to costly failure, or partial and ineffective solutions.

Evidence that technology has yet to make its full impact on schooling is now in front of our eyes. Today, the education sector is one of the most affected industries by Covid-19 worldwide. Schools face near-total closure of their physical institutions globally, with students and teachers restricted from attending classes in person. This is an ongoing issue that will last longer than expected.

With restrictions on global travel, potential international students are now restricted from entering various countries. On the other hand, those who learn new languages for study or work abroad, experience futility in moving.

To survive Covid-19 and ensure that students received lessons, schools faced limited options. Digitalize within weeks, or suffer loss of student enrolment, reputation, and revenue.

EDUGO.AI spent extensive time, listening to school managers about the impact of Covid-19 on their institutions and identified several common pain points experienced by their schools:

  1. Hasty shifts to online teaching styles meant schools lacked comprehensive online systems.
  2. Schools often need different tools to serve diverse needs. Software developed in-house are not scalable and flexible, creating confusion among the users and wasting valuable time and money.
  3. This then leads to loss of pre-existing students, and further difficulties in attracting new ones.

But there can never be a problem, without its solution.

EDUGO.AI has made its mark in the market for more than three years. It exists as the sole true platform specialised for language schools. It enables the teaching, learning, and practice of any language from the comfort of any device. As a one-stop platform, it supports automated content creation, and live-video lessons powered by Artificial Intelligence. also keeps track of class records and students’ progress with ease.

With a seamless user experience for teachers to create tailor-made content and intuitive for school managers to manage scheduling and upload pre-existing content, EDUGO.AI has proven to increase user base by over 30%, thanks to online marketing integration tools, and the time spent on the platform by students more than 50%.

The future of language education has never been clearer. Technology is no longer an addition but an extension to the language schools that need to leverage it in order to stay competitive and enroll new students. is proof that leveraging state-of-the-art technology and building customized solutions for every language school, it can help to navigate the new normal, increase student retention and enroll new students.

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