4 Top LMS features your Language School should look out for Today.

July 27, 2022
2 min read

Choosing or changing LMSs for language teaching is not an easy task. The range of learning management systems on the market is now very diverse, and we only realize which features are right for us after trying several of them.

The selection of the LMS is a delicate moment for a language company. The market is very competitive and constantly changing due to technological innovation. Therefore, one must plan ahead, anticipating the future needs of learners.

This does not mean choosing the LMS with the most features, but the one capable of implementing new ones as your business grows.

If that LMS is designed specifically for language teaching, like Edugo.AI's, that is definitely a plus. 

A good LMS for language teaching not only offers features to make learning processes more effective, but is within a platform that can increase learner engagement and new user acquisition (also automating the marketing funnel).

A Learning Management System is a software-based or SaaS platform that assists schools in creating, managing, delivering, and measuring all the activities associated with online education.

Why you should use an LMS (if you don’t already have one)

From content creation to course organization, student enrollment to performance monitoring, starting an online language school can simplify your life and make the classroom experience interactive and more personalised.

Among the multiple benefits that comes stringed with the adoption of an LMS, the top most-agreed upon are:

💰 Lower Time and Money Costs.

A Learning Management System gives you the power to completely do away with the usual offline site rental costs, as well as printing and travel costs.

It allows for quick content organisation, through automation and programming designed to work in line with the needs of the learners and employees. Language courses available online can be used repeatedly with new groups of learners, while also being easily updated almost instantly – no more piles of old books or heaps of outdated material.

💻 Instant Language Content Access.

Instead of having content spread out over different hard-drives and devices, an LMS stores all your learning materials in one remote location. This not only reduces the risk of losing valuable information, but makes content accessible to all users in just one click – facilitating your language courses. Learning Management Systems are a natural fit for online teamwork.

However, with market-growth accelerating, hunting for the perfect LMS to fit your school’s needs can be both time-consuming and stressful, with countless options out there to choose from.

To streamline the process, focus on next key features that really make the difference.

LMS Features You Definitely Need for Your Language Business:

🤖 AI Integration

An Artificial Intelligence engine under the hood of an LMS helps personalize the learning experience for each learner by offering course formats best suited to them, also suggesting courses with topics relevant to their interest. Read our guide on how your students can benefit from AI if you want to dive deeper.

✔️ Increased Platform Versatility

An all-in-one platform? Yes, please! Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay for various platforms to accomplish one single goal. By merging all your needs into a single ‘all-in-one’ platform, you now accomplish more tasks – saving you time, money, and redundant admin.

🗂 Easy Course Management

Conducting and managing course creation should be easy. From categorizing content to enrolling users, the process should be so quick and simple that your academic team doesn’t spend unnecessary time on tasks that could otherwise be computerized.

Create and allocate courses, send notifications, change layouts, upload and manage course material, mass-enroll users, configure advanced course settings, and filter courses – now done without losing an eight-hours’ workday.

🕹 Gamification

Increase your learner engagement by allowing students to achieve points, badges, awards, etc. on all learning activities.

With these key features in mind, you now can break down the daunting task of sorting through LMS in a way that prioritizes your needs first. At Edugo.AI, not only did we take these aspects into consideration, but we also provide a brand-new, fully customized platform that maintains your brand heritage.

Why we love and stand by our product time and time again is simply because, although everyone needs a Learning Management System, Edugo.AI reimagines its power through the use of artificial intelligence. Our adaptive technology, specified for language learning, supports the kind of personalized content creation and automated exercises for every skill your students need to master when learning a new language.

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