Synchronous and Asynchronous: it’s not one or the other - Product Update.

March 1, 2022
3 min read

How many times have you heard about synchronous and asynchronous training lately? – Well, if you are rolling your eyes and thinking that these are the thousandth lines you read about this topic, then we have a confession to make: we are not going to raise any discussion around their pros & cons once again.

We first-hand wrote articles about synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as hosted webinars, opened discussions on LinkedIn, and even shot reels on Instagram to make sure that everyone in the language education knew about this new trend in teaching & learning (you didn’t miss them, did you?!).

That has been necessary, as their pedagogical implications are worth discussing – not only because they affect the way you teach, but also the way you sell a language course online.

If you opt for a fully asynchronous course, you can save time and have a low marginal cost, as you can generate revenue from it also when sleeping; however, the go-to-market price won’t be high. On the other hand, a complete synchronous course allows for a higher price, although the marginal cost would be high, too.

So how to make the best for your students, who demand for different levels of personalization and commitment, based on their own needs, and your business at the same time?

Moved by this question, Edugo.AI has released its latest product update by merging synchronous and asynchronous training in one only course.

How does it work?

Teachers now have the power to combine within the same course live classes and asynchronous lessons created on the platform with the support of state-of-the-art A.I.– all with interactive language exercises around the main skills students need to master when learning a language. The number of synchronous and asynchronous lessons, their combination and the price of the course are decided by the teacher her/himself.

What are the benefits for your students?

By combining within a single digital course synchronous and asynchronous lessons, students receive a maximised learning experience, as they can take full advantage of both modes without the cons.

Such a course allows flexibility in the way students learn, and personalization at the same time, which is given by the live class and the review lesson* that follows. (*Edugo.AI’s system leverages Artificial Intelligence in automated creation of gamified exercises, customised for each student based on previous live lessons)

What are the benefits for your language business?

By freely combining the way you deliver knowledge to your students, creating a course that satisfies your target customer is no longer a mission impossible.  

You might build a more standardised course to pass a certain language exam, including lots of asynchronous lessons and mock exercises, together with weekly live lessons to review the more critical parts; or you build a course for professionals who use very specific language at work with a big number of live lessons, personalised review, and bite-size asynchronous lessons. Whoever is your target student, Edugo.AI’s flexible system allows you to create the perfect course for him/her - all this while entering the new market of digital learning utilising highly competitive solutions.

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