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EDUGO.AI uses Adaptive Learning in Language Education

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Adaptive Learning delivers optimized learning experiences to each learner. Most may agree that personalized education is a very good idea. Yet, it has been a difficult journey to materialize in the context of online education – that is, until now.

As an effective teaching method, adaptive learning uses algorithms to detect learning pathways. This then provides tailored learning content and activities. As a proven result, teaching jobs become simplified. All-the-while, learning-retention rates increase in many learners from 25% up to 60%.

How is connected to Adaptive Learning?

As individuals, students naturally have different objectives and unique learning styles. strives to provide the best solution for all learners. A fundamental means to express knowledge is language . And so, the need to use Adaptive Learning in the language education grows. The world now has 2 billion second-language learners in need of personalized education. This calls for creation of a unique platform - such technology is now specified and leveraged by’ s usage of Adaptive Learning in language education offers many advantages:

Creation of personalised learning experiences. Weaknesses of each learner can now be accurately pinpointed. As students make errors during exercises, the software generates focus around these mistakes. Based on each student’ s performance, "weak areas" unique to each learner are then improved.

Real-time data analytics for early interventions. Teachers can now quickly intervene when students encounter difficulties. Real-time data allows for instant modification of lectures and activities. This better accommodates every student’s progress, based on their current learning levels.

Educating students using various methods and media. appeals to all types of learners, and engages different parts of the brain. The tech uses video, animation, text, and audio to name a few. Not only is this more fun and entertaining, but students are now eager to practice!

Optimal flexibility. Through 24-hour learning services, students are now well-accommodated from anywhere – anytime.

Cost effectiveness. Costly physical amenities like space and equipment do not apply to online programs. More so, working time is significantly shortened – even while delivering personalized content.

School & Customer relationship management. Language institutions now have full access to each sector of their business. Via data analyses, schools can now drive, observe, and expand growth in sales. The advantage of observing client and potential customer behaviour becomes a breeze.

Quality education, solutions, and accessibility have now become cost-efficient. makes this possible through full use of modern science and technology. The riddle of the "iron triangle" is no longer a dilemma for language institutions.

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