Top 4 Language Student Retention Strategies

October 29, 2020
3 min read

Student retention is a key factor for the success of your online language school. Online course-development requires a lot of resources – from capital and training invested in eLearning platforms, to large amounts of time spent within the course creation itself – however, retention rates are often well below expectation daily.

Disappointment grows even bigger after dedicating yourself to a so-called “winning strategy” for online enrollment, only to discover a further drop in users in just a few weeks.

To prevent this, it is good to integrate student retention tactics within your marketing strategy. It is no coincidence that retention is, in fact, one of the stages of the sales funnel for language schools.

Why Student Retention is so important for Language Schools

With today’s students exposed to more options and challenges when it comes to defining their language learning path, stopping out or transferring has become commonplace more than ever before.

Nowadays, online language education is booming, and enrollment is surging, however drop-out rates are growing as well, while low student retention remains as one of the biggest problems that worries many instructors worldwide.

A common parameter used by stakeholders to measure a school’s performance is student retention, (i.e. a student’s uninterrupted success or completion of a course of study). It not only considers the student’s grades, but the overall picture of student success as a whole. Because of this, schools are finding it increasingly necessary to prioritize student retention efforts.

In addition, student retention rate holds major long-term values within the business of schooling, as it ensures constant incomes; all-the-while, according HBR (Harvard Business Review), acquiring new users may cost up to 25 times more than retaining pre-existing ones. As such, implementing student retention strategies is a hot topic for any language school manager.

Top 4 Student Retention Strategies for Language Schools

1. Offer a Real Online Learning Experience 💻

Online learning is not recreating the classroom environment virtually – that’s remote learning*. To retain students online, language schools need to offer a pure online learning experience, i.e. adopt technologies that allows students to meaningfully interact with course content, teachers and fellows, while ensuring maximum schedule flexibility.

2. Personalised Learning Experience 🧑‍💻

Nothing is better than a customised experience – and that’s even truer in education. Learners hold special details to them when studying a new language.

By removing their personal interests, and proposing generalised content, a student’s attention span drops dramatically, and as such, lessons are subconsciously assessed as useless. This is then reflected on the students’ performance, pushing them to look for better learning experiences elsewhere.

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3. Data and Stats 📊

From tracking users’ digital behaviour, to monitoring their performance while practising online, data and statistics help you boost student retention. Advanced technologies now can automatically suggest the kind of language content students may find more interesting.

They can also keep track of their progress, thus enhancing self-assessment, and stimulating early intervention strategies by teachers.

4. Boost their Engagement 💥

Student engagement plays a decisive role in the retention strategy as engaged learners express strong satisfaction in their learning experience, while demonstrating excellent results in class – this is essentially what keeps students going.

Click-and-mortar language schools now need to sharpen their engagement strategies for these new online dynamics– be it through gamified exercises, customised experience, real-time feedback and unlimited access to the content.

Improving these strategies for student retention may seem challenging, however we at Edugo.AI have answered the call through our all-in-one platform designed for language-learning.

Thanks to Adaptive Learning technology, our system creates personalised content, automated to each-students, based off live-interaction with teachers. Our LMS* supports countless material formats, and through our Artificial Intelligence algorithm, we turn everyday lessons into interactive exercises.

By combining these tactics, Edugo.AI can give you the support your school needs to retain student online. With us, you’re guaranteed to keep your learners engaged, while ensuring long-term success for your online programs.

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