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5 Mistakes Language Schools make when investing in new Technology

Here is how to avoid them.

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According to Forbes $1.3 trillion were spent on Digital Transformation last year and an estimated $900 billion will be wasted!

Avoid waste when investing in technology by avoiding these 5 mistakes:

1. Investing in software without talking to users.

Talk to your users when building software or solution.

If you are the school manager or VP of Education in charge to lead the digitalization project of your school, the chances are that you are working behind closed doors utilizing an waterfall approach. Most of the time such methodology doesn't involve talking to your students and teachers before, during and after when building the platform that you want them to adopt. Therefore chances are the end-user might end up thinking your "great ideas" are not useful.

This results in the biggest mistake that many school managers make and this is the direct path to wasting time, resources and ending up with a "solution" nobody is going to use.

2. Adopting different solutions.

Add solution that does not solve the problem.

Using many different tools that fulfill different functions like video-call system, dictionary or interactive exercises lead to a confusing user experience. Moreover, since you are using third party services you cannot promote your school brand.

This is the opposite of a one-stop digital solution that integrates all valuable functions for your users into one, powerful platform.

3. No iteration after building.

A huge misconception that many school managers have is that once the first version of your learning software is created, it is the time to sit down, relax and watch sales rolling in automatically.

Truth is that, now is the time to start testing with users to figure out what works and what does not. Iteration is a never-ending process that allows to build a better system that fulfills the needs of the end users. And most of the time those needs might not be aligned among your end users.

For instances your teachers (primary users) might want to be able to upload, created and share pedagogical content easily on the platform without spending hours and valuable time.

Whereas your students might care more about learning and interacting with that content in a gamified and fun way that keep him motivated but also gives him a sense progress and achievement.

At the same time School Director might want to be able to have an integrated booking system to manage the teachers and their teaching schedule but also a payment system.

So do you still think that you don't need to learn from your users and iterate your product?

4. The software is difficult to use.

The process of learning should be easy, fun and benefit the student's skill.

Nothing more - nothing less. The technology can be terrific, but as long as it is not easily accessible for the user, the finest tech will not make a difference - and your costly investment will be lost.

Therefore involving different stakeholder in the process of build a software is paramount for the success in digitalizing your school.

5. Data is King! Are you making use of it?

You are producing a lot of data - make use of it!

If you have avoided the other mistakes and actually managed to create a successful app or software, do not be blind about the data you are producing.

Every action a user takes inside your software can give you valuable feedback about your product and the users. It enables you to analyze how your user benefit most by using the platform and what features are useless and which one you can improve to deliver more value and a smooth experience.

You can only learn these priceless lessons if you measure, aggregate the data and make data-driven decisions.

Whether you are seeking to enhance the school pedagogy, expand online growth, or follow the new market trends – we at Edugo.AI have you covered!

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