Edugo.AI Year in Review 2021.

December 29, 2021
3 min read

2021 has been a year of awareness and discovery - Awareness of what the “new normal” after Covid-19 outbreak is and will be for the next few years and discovery of sources to help us make the best out of these uncertain times.

In education, awareness around the potential of the use of technology has rapidly risen; tech solutions at the beginning adopted just for emergencies in response to abrupt lockdowns have now become a must. This understanding has automatically triggered the search for advanced digital solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience, while helping the schools’ business grow.

Being an EdTech company specialized in language education, we are witnessing the ongoing online-learning revolution. Language schools’ teachers and directors are not afraid anymore in using sophisticated technologies like AI in their classroom and are more and more looking for practical solutions to (1) increase the student retention and the learning experience, (2) engage with learners with interactive and personalized content, (3) monetize their efforts and scale online.

This scenario has led the Edugo.AI team to be dedicated to the improvement of the quality of our technology, with the objective of developing features that solve real problems and help people in their daily path of learning and teaching a new language.

Our Top 3 Product Achievement in 2021? Here we go.

🔹 Classroom Feature for group classes

In 2021 we released the online classroom environment within our platform, which allows school managers to assign teachers to a classroom, manage its content, pricing, and enrollments. Directors and teachers are able to schedule and manage lessons, set weekly/monthly availability (time zone automatically syncs with the user's location), and view the students’ performance.

The Classroom Environment includes:

  • Overview: live chat between teachers and students. Here you can grow your community of learners, send reminders and materials, and access to the live lesson.
  • Curriculum: teachers share the classroom’s curriculum with students, providing a set of interactive and gamified lessons. Students access the lessons via the platform and practice at their own peace. Teachers view the students’ progress and performance, access to the instant feedback automatically given by the system, mark the homework and assign grades.
  • Agenda: schedule in advance the group lessons.
  • Directory: view the students’ list and automatically keep track of each student’s attendance.

🔹 Multilingual platform

This year we have developed a multilingual infrastructure, which allows for the teaching of different languages within the same platform. To support it, we built for each language an entire new dictionary and a new AI-powered tokenization system, thus improving the quality of our technology. The result is a high-performing platform that language institutes can use to grow quicker, as they can now direct the entire school’s online traffic to one only platform.

🔹 Exercise Catalogue

Edugo.AI platform leverages AI to automatically generate sets of interactive exercises right after a live lesson, or when teachers upload on the platform any kind of language content (video, text, audio, etc..). The gamified language exercises could be used both in synchronous and asynchronous lessons.

In 2021, we have widened our exercise catalogue of more than 30 new language exercises, all coming with catchy design, new scoring system and advanced level of gamification. Those exercises are the result of our team working closely with pedagogical experts, academic directors of the schools we support, and language teachers testing and using the exercises with students every day.

Looking back at 2021, it has also been a year in which our community grew exponentially. By delivering free webinars more than one time per month, and by cooperating with specialists from the industry – from marketing to language education, to AI, EdTech, and language teachers with thousands of followers on social media, we’ve shared expertise, tips, and know-hows around online language learning & business. Most important – we virtually met educators, managers, academic directors, book publishers, and shared our mutual experience, thus learning one from each other.

We are excited with the progress we’ve made, but we are even more excited about what lies ahead in 2022, as it is already shaping up to be an even finer year, with more thrilling features to come.

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