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3 ways AI-technology can help your language students

April 12, 2022
2 min read

Learning a language used to be a tedious process that took a lot of time and energy. Although recognized as a lifetime skill, many people happen to abandon their ambition to learn a new language, especially after having entered the working life. This is due mainly to lack of motivation and time.

Edugo.AI platform is leveraging state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to overcome the barriers to language learning, and support language schools and language teachers around the world in their educational path with students.

Why use AI for language teaching?

1) Save time ⏳

The number one barrier to learn a language? No time.​

Bite-size lessons are key. 15-min-long live lessons minimize the usual class time, while freeing up some extra time that can be used by students to practice the words and the grammar mistakes that have been captured by the AI during the live session.

Practicing and producing have been given less importance in the traditional way of teaching, that is overly obsessed with the presentation of content. The technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP) can automatically design are view lesson that students then practice to mastery.

With such a system, students can learn languages whenever and wherever. This technology is particularly appreciated by adult learners – they might be in between meetings and have a chunk of free time? They simply open an interactive lesson shared by the teacher on his/her own personalized Edugo.AI platform and get that highly valuable skill!

2) Personalized Content 🙋🏻

AI-technologyi s adaptive to any kind of student needs. Studying personalized content has been proven to increase students’ motivation and retention and help them perform better.

Whether students are focused on holding a university presentation in a foreign language, or finding the right words to handle private affairs, AI can be the solution. Interactive exercises are generated from a live interaction with the teacher, and the mistakes tracked are being used to draft a relevant review to the student. These significant words and learning activities help students to accelerate the language acquisition process.


3) Maximize Memorization 🧠

How many times, as students, have you felt frustrated after having forgotten a word or grammatical structure you studied just a few weeks before?

Nowadays smart algorithms can help to solve the problem of not being able to remember what has been learnt. According to Daniel Bor in “The Ravenous Brain: How theNew Science of Consciousness Explains Our Insatiable Search for Meaning”, memory chunking allows learners to combine bits of knowledge into a more meaningful and memorable overall picture.

That’s why Edugo.AI platform uses spaced-repetition software (SRS), which helps students to transition knowledge from short-term to long-term smoothly by chunking.

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