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3 Ways to Create and Monetize your Language Courses Online with ease

And differentiate your language school from the competition.

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In a world where teachers together with students have to move from Offline Learning to Remote Learning, which entailed that the synchronous part of the class now is delivered through video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, content digitalization is a need for language schools - but also a challenge.

It's a challenge mainly because schools have experienced this shift from one day to another, with no time to adapt the pedagogical content to the new delivery methods; thus implying the pedagogical aspect of the class is still the same.

Many schools are already transitioning to the next stage that is called online learning and we believe that the main part that will make the transition from remote to online successful is the content.

But what are the challenges of moving language content from offline to online?

The biggest challenge that language schools are facing is that the the content previously previously is mainly paper based.

The second challenge that we noticed is that the creation of new content takes a lot of time.

In fact, the creation of a new lesson for some language schools might take from 4 to 6 hours.

To quickly face those challenges, the current solution schools are mainly using right now is the use of outsourced content, i.e. using digital content from third parties, like famous content providers such as National Geographic.

But this solution doesn't come without issues. It's really difficult to differentiate your school from competition when you outsourced your langauge content. Moreover, the content is standardized so it doesn't really fit with the pedagogical style of the school most of the time. Each language school is targeting different market segments and also different learners, for instance people learning English in China are really different from people learning English in Brazil.Therefore as a school you need to actually adapt the content to your students.

Finally, it's really difficult to monetize such content, because it is licensed from third parties and obviously you cannot sell it to your customers.

The second solution adopted by language schools that we observed is that many schools are creating their own language content In doing so, they spend a lot of time and energies to create interactive powerpoints with videos or other kinds of digital content; but at the end that content is not so engaging in the new online setting.

This is a map of the current solutions in the market.

We identified in the content creation four dimensions that are really important, based on the feedback that many school managers gave us when explaining the adoption of a certain technological tool for their school.

They wanted the tool to be:

  • Highly interactive.
  • Able to create personalized content.
  • Monetizable so they can sell it online. 
  • Specific for language learning.

There's a reason why Edugo.AI actually performs well in all those four dimension.

So now we can dig a little deeper, and show in this video how our solution works.

The benefits of having a system like ours is that you save a lot of time to digitalize the content - you just need to upload it in the platform, and our cutting-edge ttechnology will create automatically exercises for you. Student engagement is ensured, because the langauge exercises includes elements of both gamification, interaction and active learning.

Also, with those different kind of exercises generated from your content your language school can really differentiate from the competition. Exercises can be customized in a way that they can perfectly fit with your own pedagogy.

With Edugo.AI platform, you not only can upload language content, but also create new one with ease. For example, you can record some audios instantly and create a new lesson.

The other part of our platform which is really powerful is that it's a white label solution, branded with your school name, logo and colors, which supports also the courses distribution and selling. This to help your language school increase the sales, the number of customers that you get online.

This aspect becomes particularly important part for language schools right now that the main channel for acquiring new user is online.

How Edugo.AI platform can support you in courses selling and new user acquisition?

Now your students (existing and potential) can see and interact with your language content directly on your landing page, and immediately perceive its value.

Here is a short video of how a student interacts with a course and is able to purchase it.

These are some of the ways you can create and monetize your Language Courses online with ease.

Some of the benefits of having Edugo.AI’s technology as we said are:

  • Easily Digitalizing your content.
  • Easily Creating new content. 
  • Monetizing your content.
  • Acquiring new students.
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