Gamification in language learning: boost your students' engagement - Part 2

Friday, July 15, 2022
45 min

In the first part of the webinar about Gamification, we talked about the importance of implementing gamification in your language courses, as it sets you and your Language Business apart from the competition, while boosting students’ engagement and retention.

We are now back with the seconds part!

In this Webinar session the Edugo.AI Founder and CEO Giuseppe Tomasello, who is actively working to bridge the world of academic research and cutting-edge deep technology to real products that are easy to use and solve real problems for students, teachers, and school managers, will talk about:

🔹 Octalysis- Gamification framework;

🔹 Learn2Earn and crypto incentives for boosting students' engagement;

🔹 How to use Edugo.AI templates to generate gamified lessons in just seconds.

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