Gamification in language learning: boost your students' engagement.

Friday, April 1, 2022
50 min watch

Language businesses need to stand out from the competition with convenient, easy-to-use, and entertaining language learning experiences for their students.Thus implementing gamification in your language course can set you and your Language Business apart from the competition, boost your students’ engagement and retention.

But what is gamification and how to leverage it?

Gamification uses compelling game mechanics to capture students’ attention and engagement by applying specific techniques found in behavioral science. It includes interactive experiences that are intended to spark four main behaviors such as, evoking students’ emotions, shortcutting human bias, building students’ habits, and driving repeated engagement.

Discover more in this webinar session, hosted by the Edugo.AI's Founder & CEO Giuseppe Tomasello.

The webinar covers:

🔹 Points-Badges-Leaderboard (PBL): Gamification Fundamentals for Language Learning;

🔹  Octalysis- the complete Gamification Framework;

🔹 Case Study: Build your gamified language course with Edugo.AI White-labeled Platform.

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