How to design successful Language Courses

Friday, September 23, 2022
45 min long

“What is a Language Course?” - When replying to this question, you might be surprised that your answer won’t match the one given by fellows colleagues in the language education industry - from teachers to schools’ directors and language content creators.

That’s because the concept of“language course” is as wide as complex. It might combine language activities with synchronous sessions or be completed self-paced, it might be fully online or hybrid, etc., etc. The different combinations come from the necessity to meet your student's needs - and there is no “one size fits” in terms of what language course is best for your audience.

In this Edugo.AI free webinar, scheduled for September 23rd, 2022 at 2 pm London time (GMT+1), Giuseppe Tomasello and Rebecca Chu will try to demystify what is a language course and how to design the right language course that will satisfy the learning needs of your students.

Explore with us:

🔹 What is a language course?

🔹 Differences between self-paced, CBC, and hybrid language courses;

🔹 How to find the Course Market Fit;

🔹 Build the perfect language course for your community with Edugo.AI technology.

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