The power of language learning communities.

Friday, May 13, 2022
65 min watch

In Online Language Education content is no longer king—Cohorts Are!

Nowadays, language learning content is cheap and abundant on YouTube, blogs, social media, and newsletters. Amid this excess of free content and accessibly priced online learning channels, it become nearly impossible for language businesses to break out — let alone make a living.

This gap between the grand promise of online language education and its results has led to the rise of cohort-based courses (CBCs), interactive online courses where a group of students advances through the material together — in “cohorts” — with hands-on, feedback-based learning at the core. Students are engaged and real-time, not just self-paced, and involve community-driven, active learning, as opposed to solo, passive content consumption.

So how can you leverage cohort-based courses (CBCs) to increase engagement?

Giuseppe Tomasello, Edugo.AI's Foudner & CEO, opens a talk around this topic.

The webinar covers:

🔹 From MOOCs to CBC: the shift from content to community to boost engagement;

🔹 Social influence and gamification;

🔹 Cooperative learning and improving students' learning outcomes;

🔹 How to build your CBC specific for language learning using Edugo.AI tech.

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