Flip & Flop the classroom: increase your language student engagement online.

Friday, February 26, 2021
45 min watch

With the sudden shift to online teaching and learning, student engagement has become more vital to retention than ever. Keeping students involved, motivated and actively learning in an online environment is challenging language schools across the globe.

So how has Edugo.AI solved this in the newest reality of online language learning? How can Artificial Intelligence support teachers in the creation of personalized interactive exercises before, during and after each live lesson?

In this live session:

🔹 Explore the newest Flip & Flop classroom concept;

🔹 Learn the best tactics used to improve student engagement in language courses online;

🔹 Discover how Edugo.AI platform helps language schools to boost student engagement before, during and after each live lesson.

Get insights, tips and resources from Edugo.AI's CEO Giuseppe Tomasello, who has been working with language schools and international schools globally, supporting each institute uniquely while transitioning to online education.

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