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WhatsApp Marketing for more sales and better customer service.

Thursday, December 16, 2021
60 min watch

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world and it is likely that 99.9% of your customers and leads check it several times a day. Also, you probably use it with your customers to answer questions and share info but there's a lot more you can do.

We talk about integrating this popular app into your marketing strategy, as it will allow you to give faster and better customer support, as well as increase sales through a more personalized customer journey.

In this webinar discover:

🔹 How to optimize WhatsApp;

🔹 How to integrate it into your marketing strategy;

🔹 Best practice with WhatsApp;

🔹 The case study of Edugo.AI's platform, as a possible solution to optimize your customers' journey funnel.

The webinar is hosted by Gina Rodriguez, an educational consultant in ELT and a social media marketing specialist., who has been in the ELT sector for over 20 years covering various roles: teacher, teacher trainer, sales rep, marketing support, and Edugo.AI's Founder & CEO Giuseppe Tomasello, who has worked with language schools and international schools globally as support for each institute's unique transition to online education.

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