Marketing & Sales

How To Market Your Language Courses Online.

Friday, March 26, 2021
60 min watch

This time around, language schools will learn how to fill their pipeline with qualified leads and increase direct course enrolments with targeted paid ad campaigns.

In this webinar, we cover:

🔹 How To Create Scroll-Stopping, High-Converting Facebook And Instagram Ads;

🔹 How To Achieve Omnipresence And Stay In Front Of Potential Students;

🔹 How to create and distribute online language courses effortlessly.

Meet the Language School Digital Marketing Expert Herbert Gerzer, who’s been in the language training industry for over 12 years, selling over €2M of language courses to corporate clients.Book your free seat today, and Edugo.AI’s CEO, Giuseppe Tomasello, who's worked with language schools and international schools globally as support for each institute's unique transition to online education.

Discover how far and quickly your language school can evolve in the online world of education.

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