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How to market and grow your Language Business on LinkedIn.

Friday, April 29, 2022
80 min watch

When it comes to social media marketing, you may be tempted to exclude LinkedIn thus doing your Language Business a huge disservice. Linkedin is undoubtedly the number one professional platform in the social media landscape where business professionals go to network and find solutions to the challenges they face day in and day out.

If your language business targets professionals it’s no longer a question of if you should be on LinkedIn because it’s increasingly critical to meet your audiences where they’re at, sparking meaningful connections and building a fruitful relationship.

But how to do it strategically and get new students?

In this session we cover the following:

🔹 Increase Brand Awareness;

🔹 Social Selling;

🔹 Build a Sales Pipeline;

🔹 Case Study: From Awareness on LinkedIn to Revenue on Edugo.AI platform.

Meet the speakers’ Sam Rathling, Chief Visionary Officer of the Pipeline 44 Group. Yahoo! Finance recently named her as a top 10 global LinkedIn® authority. She has been speaking on the power of LinkedIn® for over a decade and is the best-selling Author of "Linked Inbound" and soon to be released ‘Linked Outbound’.Giuseppe Tomasello, Edugo.AI’s CEO who's worked with language schools and international schools globally to enable each institute's unique transition to online education

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