Marketing & Sales

How to get students online and charge a higher rate.

Friday, March 18, 2022
60 min watch

What does it mean to run an Online Language Business today or to start one from zero?

Let’s say you have created a community of language learners on social media, you did some research and designed a language course that has synchronous (live lessons) and asynchronous (independent exercises to practice) and you are ready to publish and sell it.

How do you price and sell it in order to generate enough revenue to make your Language Business successful?

This session covers:

🔹 Niche teaching – the only solution for teachers to charge a higher rate;

🔹 The two marketing models available for online teachers and the only one that works;

🔹 The simple proven 3 steps to get your own students online and succeed in your online teaching business;

🔹 Case Study: Launching and Growing your Language Business with Edugo.AI White-Label Platform.

Meet the speakers’ James Liu, a Business coach based in the USA and founder of Bowei Strategy which helps ESL teachers who are currently undervalued to get their own students online and build a 6-Figure Teaching Business; and Giuseppe Tomasello, Edugo.AI’s Founder & CEO who has worked with language schools and international schools globally to enable each institute's unique transition to online language education.

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