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How to enrol more students in your language school.

Friday, October 29, 2021
50 min watch

Competition to get new students into your language school is more and more fierce; moreover, it is increasingly rare for people to phone up out of the blue and ask for information.

For this reason, good marketing has become essential to attract potential learners to your language school. However, we often assume that marketing is about increasing the awareness and visibility of your language school in your market.

In this Webinar we cover:

🔹 How to create engaging ads that get prospective students to take action;

🔹 How to reach and stay in front of your ideal audience;

🔹 Real Case studies and examples of effective campaigns;

🔹 Explore the Case Study of Edugo.AI's platform, as a possible solution to complement your marketing efforts.

Meet Edugo.AI’s CEO, Giuseppe Tomasello, who's worked with language schools and international schools globally as support for each institute's unique transition to online education, and the language school digital marketing expert Herbert Gerzer, who’s been in the language training industry for over 12 years.

Discover how to nail your marketing efforts in the online world of education.

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