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How to acquire new language students online.

Friday, January 15, 2021
55 min watch

Has your school’s enrollment activity been put on the back-burner due to the current Covid-19 pandemic? Are you stuck with traditional marketing campaigns that have been proved inefficient in the competitive market of online learning? Well, now is the time to move forward in advancing your school’s evolution.

So how exactly has Edugo.AI helped language schools scale into a newer online reality of language-learning? And how can Artificial Intelligence simplify the learner-enrolment process while personalizing each student’s learning experience?

In this webinar we cover:

🔹 Understanding and comparison between traditional “brick-and-mortar” business models against the latest “click-and-mortar” online-school platforms;

🔹 Explore and learn a whole new approach of funnelling strategies required in the online-learning setting;

🔹 See how Edugo.AI platform stimulates and boosts online enrolment in language schools worldwide.

Meet Edugo.AI's CEO, Giuseppe Tomasello, who's worked with language schools and international schools globally as support for each institute's unique online growth, and discover how far and quickly your school can evolve in the online world of education, and watch Edugo.AI crack the code in solving the big issue of student acquisition.

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