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Helping Language Businesses to make more revenue working less

Friday, May 27, 2022
60 min watch

When it comes to launching and running a language business there are several things that you as a managing director or language teacher entrepreneur need to take into consideration. Some of the questions that you end up asking yourself are:

How can I teach a program that can save time and enable my language business to earn more revenue? Should I focus on niche teaching or general language teaching? And what are the secrets to attracting high-paying students online?

These are some of the questions that we will answer in this Webinar installment, with Robbie Kane, Chief Marketing Officer at Bowei Strategy, who helps language teachers to achieve the freedom and success they deserve with their Language Business, andGiuseppe Tomasello, Edugo.AI’s CEO & Founder.

The webinar covers:

🔹 Why online language teachers should teach a program, not classes;

🔹 The benefits of working with a specific niche;

🔹 How online language teachers can get students and earn more per hour;

🔹 Case Study: Leverage Edugo.AI White Label Platform to run your Language Business, earn more, and save time.

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