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Developing a marketing strategy to promote your Language Courses.

Friday, January 21, 2022
60 min watch

Creating an online course is a great way to connect with your students, increase your authority within your language teaching niche, and overall grow your business.However, creating an entire language course seems daunting moreover there are plenty of language courses in the market taught by individual teachers or offered by language schools and institutions that have higher budgets to promote them.

In this session, we’ll guide you on how to design your Marketing Strategy and execute it in order to stand out among the millions of online language courses, but also help you identify your target customer, build your funnel and choose the right platform, and technology to publish your course.

The webinar covers:

🔹 What is a strategy;

🔹 How to create realistic goals and get specific;

🔹 How to stand out among millions of online language courses;

🔹 How to communicate your brand and stay consistent;

🔹 The Case Study of Edugo.AI Platform, as a possible solution to create and sell your Language Courses.

Meet the speakers’ Korinne Algie, founder of KAIE Marketing, an education marketing consultancy based in Germany; Korinne has been involved in #intled for over 20 years, she offers a number of content, digital and social media-related services; and Giuseppe Tomasello, Edugo.AI’s CEO who has worked with language schools and international schools globally to enable each institute's unique transition to online education

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