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“Thanks to the technology of Edugo.AI we were able to launch our online language school Squidll for Dutch, French, English and German. This gives us the opportunity to scale. What Edugo offers is a full-fledged solution. We are particularly delighted with the collaboration.”
BLCC’s Managing Director
“The automatic exercises generation saves a lot of my class time. This feature makes Edugo.AI platform unique and overweight other apps, such as skype and zoom."
Hutong School’s Teacher
“The main benefit of using Edugo.AI's White Label platform is the ability to create many great exercises, which include all the necessary skills in language learning in a fast, intuitive and efficient way. My students love using the platform because of its user-friendliness as well as the interactivity of the exercises.”
Edugo.AI Brand Ambassador 
Italian language teacher Melissa
Melissa Lamos
Founder and Teacher of @learnitalianwithmelissa
“My students were able to study effectively using interactive lessons on the platform. They enjoyed interactive video and audio exercises and gave us only positive feedback"
Edugo.AI Brand Ambassador 
Chinese language teacher Kira
Kira Maxwell
Founder and Teacher of @takeawaychinese
“The main benefit for me having a White-Label platform like this is that I have one place where I can put all my courses, lessons and years of experience.”
Edugo.AI Brand Ambassador 
English language teacher Tania
Tania Jenkin
Founder and Teacher of @englishwithtania

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