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    with Herbert Gerzer and Giuseppe Tomasello

    Friday, October 29th

    2:00 PM London (GMT +1)

  • About the Topic

    Competition to get new students into your language school is more and more fierce; moreover, it is increasingly rare for people to phone up out of the blue and ask for information.

    For this reason, good marketing has become essential to attract potential learners to your language school. However, we often assume that marketing is about increasing the awareness and visibility of your language school in your market.

    On Friday, October 29th, 02:00 (London, GMT +1), the Edugo.AI Team and its special guest Herbert Gerzer invites you to yet another online installment of Edugo.AI Webinars, as we tackle one of the biggest marketing challenges in the language education industry: How to enroll more students in your language school.

    In this Webinar we will cover:

    • How to create engaging ads that get prospective students to take action.

    • How to reach and stay in front of your ideal audience.

    • Real Case studies and examples of effective campaigns.

    • Explore the Case Study of Edugo.AI's platform, as a possible solution to complement your marketing efforts.


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    About the Speakers


    Herbert Gerzer

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Herbert has been in the language training industry for over 12 years. He currently runs a boutique digital marketing agency specialized in helping language schools and education providers attract new students, increase direct course enrollments and scale profitability through paid advertising.

    Giuseppe Tomasello

    Edugo.AI Founder & CEO

    Giuseppe Tomasello, Founder and CEO of Edugo.AI, and Co-Funder of the European China Federation for Artificial Intelligence, has worked with language schools and international schools globally as support for each institute's unique transition to online education.

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  • Past Webinars

    Watch the full recording.

    Upskill for Online Language Immersion Teaching

    with Ekaterina Matveeva and Giuseppe Tomasello

    Re-designing language programs and courses to overcome the challenges of teaching online during the pandemic was essential for language schools in order to keep students engaged. In this webinar we cover:

    • How to keep students happy within the online learning experience 
    • How to apply learning design to your online courses 
    • How to keep students engaged and not to burnout 
    • Best practices for blended learning, experience vs technology 
    • The Case Study of Edugo.AI's Platform as a possible solution to engage with your students 

    Developing Students' Speaking Skills in Asynchronous activities

    with Cecilia Nobre and Giuseppe Tomasello

    There are several tools and best practices to encourage language students' self-efficacy and autonomy when performing speaking tasks in asynchronous activities. In this webinar, we look at some of the best practices of teaching speaking asynchronously, having the adult learner in mind. We cover:

    • How to use speaking tasks in asynchronous learning;
    • How to set speaking activities for students to work independently;
    • Video screen-sharing tools to give and receive dialogic feedback;
    • The Case Study of Edugo.AI's Platform as a possible solution to create asynchronous speaking activities.

    AI & NLP for Language Learning -

    Episode 1/5: Fundamentals.

    With Giuseppe Tomasello

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have become powerful tools that can be used to build the next generation of Language Learning Software. In this episode, we explore how tools such as AI & NLP can be used in order to transform the learning and teaching experience of a second language.

    We will introduce some of the foundational concepts, such as:

    • What is NLP? Computational Linguistics.
    • Fundamental technology:  Word embeddings & Language Models.
    • Downstream tasks: Language classification, TTS STT.
    • Edugo.AI platform as a real application of AI and NLP technology into a second language teaching and learning platform.

    Marketing Mindset: Time-saving tips to promote your Language Course.

    with Sue Keogh and Giuseppe Tomasello

    It can be easy to see the course creation and the marketing as two separate things. Build the course, then promote. Simple!
    But if you don’t have a plan and you don’t have the assets ready it can suddenly feel like
    a lot of hard work and even delay the launch of your language course. This webinar covers:


    • What is the marketing mindset and how to spot opportunities to create assets as you go;
    • How to get more from less! Create content for different formats and platforms with your existing video and images;
    • Practical activities and best practice examples to inspire you along the way;
    • The Case Study of Edugo.AI's Platform, as a possible solution to create and sell your Language Courses easily.

    Blend it up in the Face-to-Face and Online Language Classroom

    with Sophia Mavridi and Giuseppe Tomasello

    Moving online over the last year has presented most language educators with both opportunities and overwhelming challenges, not least of which has been creating quality learning experiences for students. As re-entry planning begins, blended-learning scenarios come into play, promising to offer the best of both worlds. This webinar session covers:

    • What is blended learning;
    • Pedagogical & practical considerations in the face-to-face classroom and the online classroom;
    • E-Safety and digital responsibility for your blends;
    • The case study of Edugo.AI Platform, as a possible solution for blended teaching.

    Motivating and Engaging Learners in the Online Language Classroom

    with Chris Farrell and Giuseppe Tomasello

    Managing your online classroom and keep your students engaged has been proved to be a tough job for many language schools...now it's time to overcome these challenges and do it properly. In this webinar, we cover:

    • Key aspects of Classroom Management in the online space;
    • How to use the asynchronous space to promote activation of prior knowledge and project work to promote peer cooperation and collaboration;
    • The case study of Edugo.AI Platform, as a possible solution to key issues arising from management and engagement in the Online language classroom.

    Moving your Language School Online: 3 Key Challenges... and how to overcome them!

    with Chris Farrell and Giuseppe Tomasello.

    Moving your language school online is not easy. You've probably done it quickly, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic...now it's time to do it properly.

    Starting from the Eaquals Accreditation Criteria, we will:

    • Explore the critical areas in the move to either a partial or a purely online offering;
    • Discover practical tips in achieving success in each area, from both a pedagogical and technological perspective;
    • Look at the case study of Edugo.AI, as a possible solution to key issues arising from the pivot to online learning.

    How to Market your Language Courses Online

    with Herbert Gerzer and Giuseppe Tomasello.

    Learn how to fill your pipeline with qualified leads and increase direct course enrolments with targeted paid ad campaigns. We cover:

    • How To Create Scroll-Stopping, High-Converting Facebook And Instagram Ads;

    • How To Achieve Omnipresence And Stay In Front Of Potential Students;

    • How to create and distribute online language courses effortlessly;

    Flip & Flop the Classroom: Increase your Language Student Engagement Online

    with Giuseppe Tomasello.

    With the sudden shift to online teaching and learning, student engagement has become more vital to retention than ever. Keeping students involved, motivated and actively learning in an online environment is challenging language schools across the globe.

    • Explore the newest "Flip & Flop the classroom" concept;
    • Learn the best tactics used to improve student engagement in language courses online;
    • Discover how Edugo.AI platform helps language schools to boost student engagement before, during and after each live lesson.

    Language Schools Acceleration Challenge

    with Giuseppe Tomasello.

    Edugo.AI’s Language Schools Acceleration Challenge is a 30-day program completely designed for language schools across the globe. Our program incubates your language school into a complete online setting, giving you full access to Edugo.AI’s state-of-the-art technology!

    • Discover all the advantages of the Language Schools Acceleration Challenge;

    • Explore the Challenge’s proactive program and weekly intermediate objectives;

    • See how the Edugo.AI platform supports your school in both student acquisition and retention.

    How to Acquire New Language Students Online

    with Giuseppe Tomasello.

    Has your school’s enrollment activity been put on the back-burner due to the current Covid-19 pandemic? Are you stuck with traditional marketing campaigns that have been proved inefficient in the competitive market of online learning? Well, now is the time to move forward in advancing your school’s evolution.

    • Understand and compare the traditional “brick-and-mortar” business models against the latest “click-and-mortar” online-school platforms;
    • Explore and learn a whole new approach of funnelling strategies required in the online-learning setting;
    • See how Edugo.AI platform stimulates and boosts online enrolment in language schools worldwide.

    Increase Student Engagement in Online Language Learning

    with Giuseppe Tomasello.

    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, 2020 has seen a majority of language schools shifting curricula to e-Learning. This particular transition has been so rapid that language schools worldwide have now found themselves challenged with having great “traditional” learning methodology, yet having difficulties in keeping students engaged virtually.

    • Explore the effects of student engagement on the business of language schooling;
    • Understand and learn the best tactics used to improve student engagement in language courses online;
    • See how Edugo.AI platform helps language schools to boost student engagement after each live lesson.

    Create and Monetise your Language Course Online

    with Giuseppe Tomasello.

    What language schools need today for the new online world is quality digitalisation, while entering the new digital age of true e-Learning.

    • Explore the effects of course digitalisation on the business of language schooling;
    • Understand and learn the best tactics used to create and digitalise full language courses online;
    • See how Edugo.AI platform helps language schools to boost revenue streams from asynchronous language training.
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