• The importance of mandarin in a multi-diverse workplace environment.



    REPORT 2019

    By interviewing and conducting thorough research we found that Mandarin skills are a necessity to build meaningful connections and unlock business opportunities.

    Worldwide there are roughly 1 billion native Mandarin speakers - have access to them.

  • Is Chinese a must-have skill to boost your career in China?

    According to our in-house research: Absolutely.
    Read more to find out why.

    Top 10 foreign nationalities in China

    Foreigners in China

    Currently 600,000 in total

    There are many expatriates in China. The top nationalities are South Korean, American and Japanese.

    The most preferred city of the expats is Shanghai with 215 000 foreigners living and working in the city, accounting for 23.7% of all foreigners in China.

    Beijing has the second biggest expat count with the sum of 107 000 expats living in China's capital city.

    Policies and services expats in China want to see improved

    Amazing China Poll 2017

    Survey interviewing 30 000 foreigners in China

    The huge poll has shown that the three crucial areas where foreigners would love to see improvement in the Middle Kingdom are the following:

    1) Creating a better living environment

    2) Providing opportunities for long-term development

    3) Application for convenient resident permits.

    A better living environment and long-term development can be achieved by speaking the language of the locals.

    edugo.ai In-House Research 2019

    Policies and services expats in China want to see improved

    Living in China

    A big share of long-term expatriates

    More than half of all the people we interviewed are already for more than three years in China (55.9%). For full immersion in the country, language skills are inevitable and important to understand the local culture - especially when staying for a prolonged time.



    Fields of work of expats in China

    Fields of work

    Business Development and Education and Finance Law

    The top fields of work for expats in China are:


    1) Business Development (16.2%)

    2) Education (13.2%)

    3) Finance Law (10.3%)

    4) Marketing (10.3%)

    5) IT & Operations (7.4%)



    Policies and services expats in China want to see improved

    Way of studying Chinese

    What method are people choosing?

    35% of people are studying mandarin by themselves with the help of apps and alike.


    15% are choosing a personal teacher to meet in a more flexible way and only 3% are willing to go to a classroom to have Chinese classes.


    30% are using other methods or are not studying mandarin at all.

    Current Chinese level of expats

    Chinese levels

    What are the current Chinese levels of expats?

    Only 35% of people claim to have an advanced level of Chinese which is necessary to have fluent conversations about more specialized topics in spoken Chinese. This could be applicable for work or other circumstances that require a professional level of speaking.

    Around 20% range on a beginner level and 46.7% percent of foreigners in China are intermediate Chinese speakers.


    Is mandarin a must-skill to boost your career in China?

    Yes, you should. Start today.

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