• Our Technology

    Our 3+ years of experience lead us at Edugo.AI to release our latest software designed and tailored for language-learning. Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, we have developed a highly-personalized teaching platform that perfectly suits your online-teaching needs.


    You now have the power to observe your learners interact with teachers, while our advanced software creates personalised content in real-time with true and dedicated solutions that meet each individual learners’ needs.

  • How does it work?

    This is what our technology provides

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    Integrated Video Lesson System

    Powered by AI

    It includes a set of tools specific for language learning (such as multi-language and real-time speech recognition, exercise generation engine, adaptive learning system) to increase students engagement and improve the pedagogy.


    We use AI technology to automatically transform live-lesson content into personalised interactive exercises.


    Integrated Learning Management System

    Powered by AI

    It supports any type of external teaching content (including words lists, videos, audios, images, and texts) automatically converting it in gamified exercises by our AI algorithms. In just minutes, your teachers can now create complete lessons through simple video-uploads or short audio recordings – while letting the system handle all the rest.


    Edugo.AI LMS supports creation of complete courses by combining lessons previously created on your platform. Thus, lessons are diversified, while enhancing student engagement. When creating a course, the Edugo.AI LMS features a price setting for each lesson within the course itself.



    Smart Stakeholder Relationship Management

    To fully run the business side of language-schooling online

    School managers require safe, reliable, and dedicated interfaces that help their institutions:

    1. Stabilize management of both teachers and students;

    2. Automate course activities from curriculum schedules and lesson bookings, to student enrolment, payments, course-content creation and supervision;

    3. Optimise online-marketing traffic, communication, while simultaneously improving new students acquisition strategies.


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