We are on a mission to drive positive change.
    We believe change starts with education.
    We have a big vision to shape the future of education.


    How education used to be like before edugo.ai.

    Until now, education has been focused on the preparation of content and presentation of it by a teacher to students. Afterwards, this content has been practiced by students and produced, which means used and learned - like in classic exercises for language learning. This setup is resource-intense, costly and not available for everyone in the same quality. Education needs to be rethought in order to be effective and high-quality, available anytime for every person on the planet.

    What we are currently doing...

    How edugo.ai is revolutionizing education.

    With the application edugo.ai it is now possible to combine human interaction and artificial intelligence (AI) into a unique way of studying virtually anything. As language is the code of knowledge, language learning is our starting point. Right now you can study Mandarin with our application, but soon you will be able to study different languages in the edugo.ai approach. The knowledge absorbed during the short lessons is smoothly transferred into long-term knowledge with the help of spaced repetition (SRS).

    A roadmap to the future

    How edugo.ai is walking into the future.

    Language is our starting point. We at edugo.ai see education as a lifelong and continuous process throughout people's lives. edugo.ai is on the way to become a personalized platform to learn and grow. Curriculums created by a smart AI combined with human interaction and connection will help in idea creation and empower humanity. We thereby are able to tap into the limitless potential of humans and harness it in unprecedented ways. These mechanisms are able to drive positive change for humanity on multiple levels.

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