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    WhatsApp Marketing for more sales and better customer service

    with Gina Rodriguez and Giuseppe Tomasello

    WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world; in this webinar w talk about integrating this popular app into your marketing strategy, as it will allow you to give faster and better customer support, as well as increase sales through a more personalized customer journey.

    Discover with us:

    • How to optimize WhatsApp; 
    • How to integrate it into your marketing strategy; 
    • Best practice with WhatsApp; 
    • The case study of Edugo.AI's platform, as a possible solution to optimize your customers' journey funnel.

    Preparing Language Classrooms and Teachers

    for Web 2.0

    with Robert Hanley and Giuseppe Tomasello

    In this Webinar we demystify the evolution of the internet into ‘Web 2.0’ and provide help with the migration to a more modern style of technology-enhanced learning, as well as take steps to transform your language classroom and teaching to take advantage of new concepts, methods, and resources.

    We cover:

    • How the internet has evolved, where it is going, and how that impacts teaching and learning; 
    • How to bridge the technical generation gap between Generation Z's Digital Natives and their educators; 
    • Implementable and road-tested strategies for equipping a Web 2.0 learning space, 
    • The case study of Edugo.AI's platform, as a possible and practical solution to embrace technology in your language classroom.

    Synchronous merges Asynchronous.

    The importance of a holistic approach for online language learning.

    with Giuseppe Tomasello

    Any discussion of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning tends to be framed in terms of pros and cons but many of the benefits provided by virtual learning can, situationally, apply to both modalities. Combining both learning methods allows many language schools in the world to continue offering quality and engaging language education while facing difficult restraints. The webinar covers:

    • Synchronous and Asynchronous learning: definition, pros&cons, and real applications;
    • The importance of a holistic approach for online language learning;
    • The Case study of Edugo.AI platform, as a possible solution to merge synchronous and asynchronous training for an engaging and personalized learning experience.
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    Startup, insegnare il cinese con l’Intelligenza Artificiale? Ci pensa Edugo


    30 Sept. 2021

    Facilita l’insegnamento delle lingue straniere attraverso la tecnologia e migliora la redditività delle scuole messe in ginocchio dall’emergenza Covid


    Il cinese si impara con l'Intelligenza Artificiale


    29 Sept. 2021

    Il progetto di Edugo, la startup italiana che risolleva il business delle scuole.


    Edugo, la startup dal cuore italiano che risolleva il business delle scuole


    28 Sept. 2021

    "La nostra piattaforma è usata da oltre 30 scuole in tutto il mondo perché permette di personalizzare le lezioni riducendo i costi. Siamo in grado di insegnare 8 lingue e velocizzare di 5 volte l’apprendimento", spiega il ceo di Edugo, Giuseppe Tomasello


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