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     The power of language learning communities: CBC cohort-based courses a new trend in online education

    with Giuseppe Tomasello

    Cohort-based courses (CBCs) are interactive online courses where a group of students advances through the material together — in “cohorts” — with hands-on, feedback-based learning at the core. In this webinar, discover:

    • From MOOCs to CBC: the shift from content to community to boost engagement;
    • Social influence and gamification;
    • Why are Cohort Based Courses successful? 
    • Cooperative learning and improving students' learning outcomes;
    • How to design your CBC specific for language learning using Edugo.AI tech.

    How to market and grow your Language Business on LinkedIn

    With Sam Rathling and Giuseppe Tomasello

    LinkedIn is undoubtedly the number one professional platform in the social media landscape where business professionals go to network and find solutions to the challenges they face day in and day out. If your language business targets professionals it’s no longer a question of if you should be on LinkedIn. It’s increasingly critical to meet your audiences where they’re at, sparking meaningful connections and building a fruitful relationship.

    In this webinar, we cover:

    • The importance of an effective LinkedIn profile;
    • 3 key activities critical for your success on LinkedIn;
    • Content ideas to generate leads for your language business;
    • Case Study: from Awareness on LinkedIn to Revenue on Edugo.AI platform.


    Gamification in language learning: boost your students' engagement

    with Giuseppe Tomasello

    Language businesses need to stand out from the competition with convenient, easy-to-use, and entertaining language learning experiences for their students.Thus implementing gamification in your language course can set you and your Language Business apart from the competition, boost your students’ engagement and retention.


    In this webinar, we cover:

    • Points-Badges-Leaderboard (PBL): Gamification Fundamentals for Language Learning;
    • Octalysis - the complete Gamification Framework;
    • Case Study: Build your gamified language course with Edugo.AI White-labeled Platform.
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    Startup, insegnare il cinese con l’Intelligenza Artificiale? Ci pensa Edugo


    30 Sept. 2021

    Facilita l’insegnamento delle lingue straniere attraverso la tecnologia e migliora la redditività delle scuole messe in ginocchio dall’emergenza Covid


    Il cinese si impara con l'Intelligenza Artificiale


    29 Sept. 2021

    Il progetto di Edugo, la startup italiana che risolleva il business delle scuole.


    Edugo, la startup dal cuore italiano che risolleva il business delle scuole


    28 Sept. 2021

    "La nostra piattaforma è usata da oltre 30 scuole in tutto il mondo perché permette di personalizzare le lezioni riducendo i costi. Siamo in grado di insegnare 8 lingue e velocizzare di 5 volte l’apprendimento", spiega il ceo di Edugo, Giuseppe Tomasello


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