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    edugo action learning is the maximizing your memory in the best way possible, you will remember what you learnt with our app

    How do we ensure you remember what you have studied:

    The model above represents Dale’s Cone of Experience, that incorporates several theories related to instructional design and learning.

    Students retain much more information by what they actually DO as opposed to what they merely HEAR, READ or SEE.


    Today, "learning by doing" has become known as a very effective method of learning and has been adopted by practitioners and turned into experiential learning or in our case: EDUGO ACTION LEARNING.


    According to Dale’s research, the least effective method at the top involves learning from information presented through verbal symbols, i.e., listening to spoken words. The most effective methods at the bottom involve direct, purposeful learning experiences, such as hands-on or field experience. Direct purposeful experiences represent reality or the closest things to real, everyday life.

    The cone charts the average retention rate for various methods of teaching. The further you progress down the cone, the greater the learning and the more information is likely to be retained. It also suggests that when choosing an instructional method it is important to remember that involving students in the process strengthens knowledge retention.


    It reveals that “action-learning” techniques result in up to 90% retention. People learn best when they use perceptual learning styles. Perceptual learning styles are sensory based. The more sensory channels are possible in interacting with a resource, the better the chance that many students can learn from it. According to Dale, instructors should design instructional activities that build upon more real-life experiences.

    A new learning methodology

    In this short video, we demonstrate to you how EDUGO action learning is functioning in practice



    Have an on-demand video call with a professional Chinese teacher and enjoy a natural conversation in Mandarin Chinese. The average lesson time is 15 minutes and we believe that the best learning environment includes real human connection - one that is not replaceable by the means of merely online teaching or online classes. The real class conversation gives the opportunity to the teacher to give real-time feedback to the student which is highly beneficial to a high quality of teaching.



    Our unique technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) system automatically create a practice lesson after the video call - it is just like magic! In this way, the student can fully focus on the actual class while he has it and not worry about any knowledge getting lost or taking notes on the side. The review lessons are tailor-made based on the content in the class and divided into different modules that help students practice listening and speaking as well as helping the student to broaden his or her vocabulary.



    By being able to practice the content from anywhere at any time, it does not matter anymore if you are at home, in your office or on-the-go. You can literally speak at home, do listening exercises in the metro or go through your flashcards. Our spaced repetition system (SRS) ensures to display the right vocabulary at the right time until you completely master the content of your classes. On the homepage of the application you will find the words that you have to go through today in order to turn your weaknesses into strengths - the path to ultimate mastery!

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