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Why should you learn languages in a personalized way using AI

Our approach AAT stands for AI Augmented Teacher and is at the core of -

AAT makes learning Mandarin as easy and relevant as never before!

Learning a language is difficult and requires a lot of persistence and time. So why should you learn content that is irrelevant and that you will probably never use in daily life?

However, the problem is that current language learning apps offer content that is irrelevant or not personalized to the specific communication needs of the student. If you want to improve your communicative skills you should focus your limited time and energy resources in learning the language such that you can use it to accomplish real-life tasks.

German engineer has to study relevant content in his mandarin to stay on top of his work and career

If you are a German automotive engineer in China, the language you need to communicate at work is highly specific.​

Therefore has established personalized language learning by using artificial intelligence. Different curricula can be created for each student based on their current proficiency level and interests.

Video calls with teachers also provide the possibility of real-time feedback and the possibility to understand the students their learning goals and interests. In this way, the teacher can adapt their approach after every lesson. A real teacher is irreplaceable as language learning is a skill that requires empathy and understanding.

Personalized content and real communication are the two core businesses of Edugora that offer the possibility to learn a language in an efficient and interactive way. The result of using the Edugora App is a stronger return on investment.

Interested in knowing more? Read the article about the two main problems of language learning software and how tackles them.

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