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What are YOU leaving China with?

Leave better than you came.

Shanghai skyline

We truly believe living in China for a prolonged period of time reflects an enormous opportunity to grow.

China is one of the most dynamic places on this planet right now with unlimited options to become a better you.

Living in Shanghai, passing on learning Chinese is an easy choice...


师傅, 右拐,左拐..."

“Nǐ hǎo! Shīfù, yòu guǎi, zuǒ guǎi...“ "Hello! Driver, turn right, turn left..."
Hello Driver, drive!

...oftentimes is the maximum people are able to speak after 2, 5, 8 years of staying in China.

Waste of time = not studying Chinese

Whatever you are doing here in China, whether it is working as an entrepreneur, as a professional in a company, studying abroad or being an English teacher, or taking care of your children...

We challenge you to leave better than you came.

With a skill for a lifetime.

Do something great and learn Chinese.

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You like the idea but don't know where to start?

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