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Taking Class Notes simply is 麻烦.

A new era for taking notes.

Cloud-based, Internet of Things (IoT), Disruptive Technology, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Agile, AI, Big Data, Actionable Analytics...

all tech buzzwords we are (forced) to hear in the 21st century.

Yet, when it comes to taking a traditional Chinese class we still take notes like its 1271, the year when Marco Polo arrived in China...

Notebook from the 13th century.

Notebook from the 13th century.

Notebook from 2019.

Notebook from 2019.

One of our users pointed it out well when he said:

"Taking notes during class is the most

麻烦 part of learning Chinese!"

Let me check our integrated video-dictionary for readers who are not sure what 麻烦 means:

The video dictionary in our application.

❗️The kind of old school note-taking is inconvenient during the class as the student has to divide his attention between listening to the teacher and scribbling down key information on his notebook.

‼️After the class, it is proven to be ineffective as conventional notes are unorganized and often times never again revisited.

Imagine if...

Imagine if you could fully focus on the class content when being with your teacher or on a video class and afterward automatically receiving the key content on your phone in the form of smart notes, you can practice with.

Sounds like magic?

✅ It is a reality for Chinese learning already and you can experience it by starting with a free lesson on

Content you receive after the video class.

✅ After your video lesson, you will receive your personalized smart notes! This content is automatically created by our system and based on your video-lesson with the teacher, consisting of keywords and sentences.​

Gamified exercises of your personalized content.

✅ You can practice the content with a set of interactive exercises and consolidate your Chinese knowledge.

Interested in trying the future for yourself?

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