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Offline Teaching VS. Learning Apps

Is there really a tradeoff?

Combining Convenience and teaching quality

By choosing the right tool, you can have the BEST of both.

Let's take a step back...

High-quality offline teaching.

The quality of an offline teacher is undoubtedly high. In one-on-one learning settings, the teacher can adapt the content to every single student and tailor the classes to the student's needs.

Furthermore, by having offline classes the student automatically practices his or her oral speaking skills that are crucial for language mastery. By having instant and direct feedback on pronunciation, the class experience becomes interactive and enjoyable for the student.

Apps are trading the high-quality of teaching for convenience.

Convenient language learning apps.

On the other side of the spectrum, conventional apps to study languages are convenient for the user in terms of price, location and time.

A user can basically practice for free or a fairly cheap price from anywhere at any time and level up his or her language skills. Still, the human element from the interaction with a teacher is missing.

With - we combine BOTH:

quality and convenience.

Combine quality and convenience with

We do not believe you have to sacrifice either, quality or convenience.

With we have created a solution that combines classes with high-quality, professional teachers that you can have at a time and place convenient to your needs!

At the same time, we give you the freedom to fully focus on the class while you are having it, as you will receive a comprehensive review afterward. The extensive review is being split into different modules that you can practice until you mastered it, as you will have access to it forever.

Lesson review in


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