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Navigating the Challenges:

Best practices and solutions for Language School amidst Covid-19


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The recent Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing that followed have impacted all walks of society, and the education sector results as one of the most affected.

In order to survive, and ensure students continued receiving educational services, schools around the world have had to face dramatically limited options: resorting to digitalizing entire schooling systems within mere weeks - or suffer losses from student enrolment, reputation, to excessive loss of revenue.

This report analyses the biggest struggles school directors and managers of language schools worldwide now face due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, mirroring critical solutions as well as the best practices adopted today.

With online classes being implemented globally to further endure the epidemic, Edugo.AI conducted 56 interviews with language-school bodies, general managers, schooling directors and coordinators, who shared insight of the situation through their own realities.

This paper explores the biggest challenges today for language schools, new competition as well as opportunities within the market. We also discover the adoption of technology from teaching and learning processes, to student engagement, and experiences some schools have with virtual classes before and during the lockdown.

Is the future of language-learning online, hybrid, or offline?” – In order to answer this question, as well as fully understand the effects of Covid-19 on the language-schooling market as a whole, we conducted a market research interviewing 56 language-institute directors between May and September 2020.

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