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Matt from ATIOM:


A GRADUATE experience.

Matt from ATIOM took the 15-days-mandarin-challenge

What is the 15-Days-Mandarin-Challenge?

​Learn Mandarin in 15 days is a challenge to learn how to speak about a specific topic in Chinese within 15 days. (i.e pitch your startup in Chinese).
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Matt has been living and working in Asia for the last 10 years. He founded ATIOM - with the mission to make corporate training more fun and effective.

Like edugo, he believes effective learning comes from creating an everyday habit.

Personal Challenge

Pre-Challenge Pitch in English

In the next 15 days, Matt had 10 online lessons of 15 minutes in the APP, with daily reviews of the content of the lessons...

Post-Challenge Pitch in English

Why are you learning Chinese?

“Makes life easier in China and in general, I think it is a fascinating language.”

What did you learn in and by your personal challenge?

“I realized I was missing key Mandarin words from our company pitch. It helped me better introduce the benefits of our product and service. “

How was your experience of the challenge?

“The added group pressure helped me avoid missing study days. For Chinese like many other learning, frequency is more important than volume. Normally it's easy to find excuses not to study, but actually, when a session can be completed in 5-10 min, there are no excuses.”

Nominate 3 friends to take the challenge.

  • Devin Licastro

  • Will Marks

  • Oscar Ramos

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