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Lennart Schoemaker from Synergie 1+1=3:


What is the 15-Days-Mandarin-Challenge?

​Learn Mandarin in 15 days is a challenge to learn how to speak about a specific topic in Chinese within 15 days. (i.e pitch your startup in Chinese).

Learn more in our previous article: 15 days Mandarin language challenge.


Who is Lennart Schoemaker?

Lennart has been working as a researcher and marketer for Chinese companies, including a startup led by Hollywood actor Jet Li and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. Lennart is passionate about people and culture and speaks near-fluent Chinese. He currently focuses on providing cross-cultural skills training as a partner of Synergie 1+1=3 in Shanghai, and delivers tailor-made trips to the Netherlands for selected communities who are eager to expand their horizon!

Personal Challenge

Pre-Challenge Pitch in English

In the next 15 days, Lennart had 10 online lessons of 15 minutes in the APP, with daily reviews of the content of the lessons...

Post-Challenge Pitch in Chinese

Why are you learning Chinese?

"Learning Chinese has enriched my personal experience living and working in China, but more importantly it has allowed me to communicate with more ease and less cultural barriers. Knowing Chinese enabled me to much better understand and empathize with people from their own perspective and within their own cultural framework."

What did you learn in and by your personal challenge?

"During the challenge, I learned and memorized not only advanced but also the most appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures for a brief introduction to the Netherlands, that I wouldn’t be able to know if I would just use an online translator. These tools are great, but lots of contextual information and nuances are lost in computer-generated translations. Next time I introduce my country to Chinese travelers, I will feel more confident in telling a coherent story."

How was your experience of the challenge?

"The experience of using Edugo for this challenge was surprisingly rewarding. Daily repetition really helped to remember and solidify complex sentences and new vocab. The Q&A sessions with the teacher were helpful in coming up with new ideas and sentence/word variations. On top of that, William was able to identify and correct stubborn pronunciation mistakes and created separate lessons specifically to target reducing those. I was unaware of these errors until William pointed them out, and he made it possible with Edugo to tackle this in a structured manner. The shared group experience made it more enjoyable because everyone is sharing achievements and words of encouragement, which is very motivating."

Nominate 3 friends to take the challenge.

  • Martin S. H. Andersen
  • Daan van Schaik
  • Trevor Owens

Ready for your personal challenge? Scan the QR code with WeChat to start.

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Or talk to a professional teacher first.

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