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Join Edugo.AI's Brand Ambassador Program and grow your Online Language Business.

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With the world turning upside down, many changes happened in the education world - and this is valid for Language Education, too. 

However, these changes mostly affected students and teachers and how they interact with each other to exchange knowledge. New teaching methodologies, such as Synchronous and Asynchronous training, took the stage and new ways (or existing ways) to interact, such as video call conference systems rather than in person presence, between these two stakeholders became ubiquitous.

In face of these changes, many language teachers took their destiny and business in their own hands. Although not having a background in business but leveraging their main skill, which is teaching, many language teachers doubled down or started building communities on social media such as Instagram, Tiktook, Youtube or Linkedin by creating content and providing value to thier target students. 

This is a way to express their own creativity, but also to get new students for their online 1 to 1 or small group lessons. 

However, soon these teachers realize that they cannot teach LIVE more than 8 hours per day/40 per week; moreover they need a few hours per day/week to develop lesson plans and curriculum for each student or group of students, which also takes time.

When a teacher finds him/herself in such a situation, the first question that pops in their head is about Growth and Time.

How can I grow my business and save some of my time? 

We all have the same amount of time which is 24 hours per day and we cannot have more of it, thus the choice we are left with is to optimize what we do with the time we have to grow our online language business.

You have 3 choices on how to grow your business - you may check our previous article and learn more about these 3 ways on how you can grow your language business in 2022

Now when it comes to technology and platforms there are several solutions  that enable language teachers to publish and sell courses which could be Synchronous, Asynchronous or a mix of these 2 elements but unfortunately they are not geared towards language teaching but more to generic courses. 

Working with several Language Schools and Institutions, at Edugo.AI we developed technologies to help such institutions to navigate the transition from Offline to Online language teaching and grow their business. This allowed us also to deeply understand the needs of students and teachers, in order to enhance the knowledge exchange between the two parties. 

With the knowledge gathered over the years, we are now ready to help Language Teachers who want to launch and grow their online language business.


We have launched our Brand Ambassador Program, to help Language teachers Publish and Sell their courses Online via Edugo.AI’s white-label platform.

Who can become a Brand Ambassador? 

Any language teacher who is teaching one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, or Mandarin willing to grow quickly his/her Language Business Online.

Why join the Brand Ambassador Program? 

To monetize the community of language learners you have on social media. The Ambassadors will be given in exclusivity the White Label Edugo.AI Platform for FREE for a limited time to create and sell language lessons and courses.

Which level of commitment is required? 

The ambassadors will have a lot of creative freedom to represent the brand genuinely, in a way that reflects their language teaching style and personality. Moreover, the Brand Ambassador will have to publish/share social media posts to generate awareness about the program among other language teachers.

When can I start the program?




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