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How to learn Chinese FASTER? - AI Augmented Teacher

What is is an e-learning platform. After having had real human interaction with professional mandarin teachers, we use AI technology to supplement the learning experience with personalized reviews of the class content to extend the power of our teachers.

The combination of native teachers that you interact and practice your Chinese with and our AI technology helps students to save time, focus on spoken language and build customized curriculums that are related to your work industry and daily life.

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Learning a language is a time-consuming endeavor: Mandarin takes 2200 of in-class hours. As a working professional here in China you probably do not have this time.

According to our in-house research, Mandarin is not a nice to have skill anymore but is becoming a must-have skill if you want to boost your career and develop business opportunities or even raising funding for your company.

In standardized applications, you don’t have the chance to interact and practice with a native speaker and cannot learn the content relevant to you. On the other side, platforms that connect you with a teacher are not equipped with any smart tools to support your learning journey once the lesson is over and the teacher is not anymore there.

Who comes to help?

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